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Founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat doesnt want to earn billions of dollars. But he is clear : Life Insurance is Life Insurance. Not death insurance. (See at the end)
If billion people donate 2% time and if possible 2% of self earned money to Social, Health, Climate issues, he will get billions of peace points.
Founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat 's thinking

What is the identity of the founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat ? : TM

World just thinks TM = Trade Mark
Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat thinks TM = Time & Money

Is Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat a well known Brand ?
No. He is one of the 7.6 billion citizens in this world.
He thinks that every individual has different Identity and
every human being (living or non living) is a brand.
every living being (ideally a category like Tiger) is a brand
every non living thing (like cement or steel) is a brand.

Sometimes, founder uses his advertising background.
Specially the creative where ONIDA icon was a Devil.

He worked in ONIDA (MIRC Elec) , so he knew TV Quality was good.
Creative showed devil as icon and it worked wonders.
In real life, when things get routine, creative thinking adds energy.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt work.
But the Truth should remain Truth and you should not say it is untrue.

You can try creative way to present the truth.
Actually Truth is real and is bitter to many people, specially those who do wrong things so many times that doing wrong or telling lies becomes their habit.
So showing the truth as Devil is like showing the bitter side of real life.
It is Bitterness of reality.
And may not be good for people who are real devils in life.

A great scientist has a far great value than
a person who makes large amount of money through corruption.

Values are far larger & deeper than money.
Founder learnt Value Education from Aai (his mother).
And simplicity, courage, giving to others from Bhau (his father).
He is getting training on Integration from Rohan
(Rohan his son has Sensory Integration Challenge)

After his Mechanical Engineering, he did an MBA in Marketing but for him these were just things that happened. He never liked the type of education that was given and used to bunk classes and use that time playing cricket, football, badminton, carrom and in libraries because he thought what was taught was in books which one can read & understand at home or in library.
Practicals are more important which is what he used to attend.
Of course later, when his second son got admission for Medical Sciences, Vikasdada told him that teachers know far better than students. So attending lectures should be a habit.

Founder was keen on promoting what others were doing.
So he joined advertising and then Social PR.
He thinks LIFE is a far greater educator than school or college.

After an almost fatal accident on 28.08.2013, though he is a citizen of India, he thinks he is a global citizen.
He values humanity and truth in every religion or caste or nationality.
He values humans who are respected in the world for their greatness. One may be economically rich or below the economic poverty line citizen or medically challenged individual .... they may be far more valuable than what society treats them ....

Till this moment, founder cant believe
There are people who meet with an accident (Almost fatal or just an accident) and do not remember what happened at the accident time.
Founder went a step ahead and even after few days of the almost fatal accident, he didn't knew he was married. His friends who stayed at hospital with him know these reality
Founder thinks laughing when they say this but know that they cant be so wrong.

Identity and Brand
Each individual has Unique Identity.
Each individual has a different scale of brand.

Why images of well known people only ?

People like to see photographs of well known people or celebrities.
They wont like to see Below the Poverty Line citizens photo (That's why Hari Wagh photo is shared and click on it to see his interview)
They dont like to see Ambulance (Dont they use it in case of medical emergencies ?)
They dont like to see a person using a stick to walk (that's what founder did for few hours, he is told)

Founder remembers but cant share all names, typically those who have lost humanity
knows that some names are purposely not taken because they are just born as humans and have lost humanity or founder does not remember who came to hospital because in ICU they dont allow tooooo many people. And if some good humans names are not taken, its a mistake that the founder admits. (Of course, we cant write names of people who just visited the hospital or founder visited them before and after the accident)

What's changed after 28.08.2013
thinks that this is his second birth (he knows that medically it is wrong to say that this is his second life but he thinks that medicines do not and should not dictate thinking)
So he says he thinks this is his second life (not secone physical life but death postponed)

He knows that he has not done enough for the social sector and
he added health sector after 28.8.2013.
His canvas increased from Thane and India to not just this world but this universe.

He never bothered about earning but for him giving to others was his nature.
After accident, he realised that sustainability is important and finance is required.
But realisation is not followed.
If somebody needs (really needs) support, founder is ready to directly give or ask someone to come forward and help.

He thinks that if one has not done enough and continues to live without doing anything, there is no point in living. Nobody takes any money, property, jewellary when they die. He knows no one takes satisfaction with them when they die. But truth doesnt die. So do good when you live and leave.

If one has to leave this world one day and if one has not done anything for 50 years, what will one do in balance 50 years (Total 100 years) ?


There are images of a Below the poverty line person, Ratan Tata, Muhammad Yunus, Wally Olins and Devil.

The first attention of many is Devil. That's real life bitterness.
Muhammad Yunus, Ratan Tata are greats.
Wally was lesser known than Muhammad Yunus and Ratan Tata.

But no one even wants to see the image of Hari Wagh (Forget about meeting him) Remember, more than 1 billion people in the world live Below the Poverty Line and Hari Wagh is just 1 of them.

Given a choice to meet Hari Wagh for 1 hour and Ratan Tata for 1 second,
more than 99.99999999999999 % will say Ratan Tata for 1 second.
Ratan Tata has met millions of people and but you want to meet him.

In real life also, no one wants to see Hari Wagh.
They say they face many challenges in day to day life and dont want to add.

People will spend Rs 3650 for two at a five star hotel for their birthday but
giving Rs 3650 (Rs 10 per day) to organisations which take care of people like Hari Wagh is strictly NO. That giving doesnt give them satisfaction.

Actually, the satisfaction is far far more than Rs 3650/- but people see financial value.
So founder has started giving Rs 3650/- on birthdays of him, his wife, his two sons, his father, his mother and may add days when both his parents left world and 28th August which is a day when he thinks was his almost death and new thinking beginning.
Click here to see this humanity service of your birthday.

They do not see Value of Education which founder was given by his mother Aai.

More than 1 Billion people living Below the Poverty Line on earth leads to many social issues like migration, killings, rapes, slavery .... It a Bitter Truth which people want to avoid.

But avoiding listening to it and how organisations are working towards solving these challenges does not solve challenges, number will go up.



Life Insurance
India is fortunate that it had Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar as the chief architect of the Indian constitution but Founder many times wonders why judicial system takes so much time not for a decision but FOR first hearing. He has seen that after 5 years of an almost fatal accident he was called for first hearing.
(Accident : 28.08.2013. First legal hearing : 29.08.2018)

Life Insurance is Life Insurance. It means insure life. It is not Death Insurance
Whether Life Insurance treats a person cheap by
giving him just $5000 (Rs 325000/- if one takes $1 = Rs 65/-) or
gives him amount that she / he asked for (Not exorbitant but not cheap).
is a big issue not just for him but to millions of people who do Life Insurance.

The amount depends on various factors like
type of accident - normal or almost fatal and this is not what the patient says but registered doctor says
her / his age,
the type of work they do,
potential the person lost because of new laws like in case of founder CSR Law was passed by the Government of India)

Amount Thane court asks Insurance companies to pay will be known by end 2019.

Then the founder will decide whether to terminate all Life Insurance policies and go for Term Insurance which means get money only if you die (expire is a better word), else there is no insurance. And the name of the person or institution to be given the money must be written in the Term Insurance form.

If the decision in truth's favour (In this case founder's favour), it is ok.
Otherwise he may think of three things.
1) Go to High Court and then Supreme court

2) Dont go to any court and just share the court's order, plus the written statements by founders lawyers and lawyers from Insurance companies on CSRidentity.com and let the world see it.
Of course what to share must be approved by Indian Law System and the related judge - may not the same Judge if the Judge is transferred but Judge who decided the order

3) Approach the CSR head or MD of the two insurance agencies to give amount in terms of donation to the founder's NGO for the four global examples he wants to share with the world and the insurance agencies will be given due report of the spent amount and they can see how the founder has used 100% of the amount for social good)
If one of the two Insurance comapnies agrees to donate to the NGO and the second one does not agree to it, CSRidentity.com will name both the agencies and say this agency agrees to donate Rs .... and this agency doent not agree to donate ....


Bad words about Life and Lawyers, Police
Is founder worried to write the following

Nothing to worry about writting.
But founder knows court rules so without proof he cant say anything.

So he is not writing whether
someone said bad words about police & law on mobile or
someone said saying about Rakta Paat (Blood bath)

Founder normally gets up at 4 AM and starts works on most of the days was not needed to be told in the court at accident hearing but founder said that because he wanted to share how accident changed him. And it was a fact. But court may think facts without proof is diluting valuable time of court because there are so many cases the court gets everyday.

Bhau, his father taught him simplicity, courage, helping others.
He has been working in the social sector of India since 1999 (very few names on right side)
The well respected police officials, collectors, politician, well connected people ... know the case and people involved. So they will take legally care if any wrong thing happens.

Founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat met many but shares just to a few

Nobel & Magsaysay Awardees, Giving Pledgers

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus
At Global Social Business Summit in Vienna in Austria
(Founder wanted his young son Aum to know world happenings, so took him to Vienna when Aum met Prof Yunus. Aum was in 8th Standard then)

Magsaysay Award winners

Anshu Gupta (When he and his family visited founder's home)
Telephonic discussion with Arvind Kejriwal (Now CM of Delhi)
Arole (Met them in Ahumadnagar)

Person who took Giving Pledge

Nandan Nilekani who wrote the book "Imagining India".

Venkat Krishnan

If each continent has Venkat, world will be good.
If each country has Venkat type, world will be far greater. Much faster.

USA Ambassador to India
Richard Frank "Dick" Celeste (US Ambassador in India in 2001) & Jacqueline Lundquist
Met them in Delhi in 2001 when they launched founders webportal on International NGOs

Greats in India

Dr Abdul Kalam
: Former President of India who was a great scientist (Just a telecon)

Central Minister
Shard Pawar
in his Delhi office.

Dr Narendra Jadhav
: MP, also part of PMO consulting team. Met at his office and home in Delhi and at founder's home in Thane

Ajit Joshi

Now alphabetical
Amitabh Bachchan
: Not just a celebrity in films but has good social angle
(Just a letter)
Ashank Desai, Sanjay Mudnaney of Mastek
Ashutosh Gowariker Film actor, producer
: His organisation took care of Rohan immediately after 28.8.2013
Cecil Dmello : His organisation takes good care of Founder's son and teacher Rohan
Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala : He starrted Wockhardt Foundation when he could have lead Wockhard Pharma, his father's company
Dilip Apte who thinks diabetes, polio, heart issues should not come in your way to lead life through Bhagwat Geeta.
Jacky Shroff :
Hindi film star
Jaggi Vasudev
: Isha Foundation leader in Coimbatore, saw him in Japan but did not meet him there..
Madan Behl of Adfactors PR
Madhav Chavan of Pratham, which works in most of India on education.
Medha Patkar
of Narmada Bachao Aandolan. (Infact he lost his mobile in when he had gone there and called her and took it from her Chembur house)
Nachiket Mor - Various times at ICICI, once at IFMR in Channai. He is Gates Foundation head in India but has not met him since then.
Nitian Paranjpe - Met him at his office, at Dharavi school when he volunteered. He is now COO of Unilever at their HQ.
Pravin and Priti Patkar of Prerana which works on Trafficking.
Ratan Tata : Ratan Tata is Tata Group Chairman (Met alongwith Wally Olins when Tata Group was thinking of Identity of Tata Group)
Rohini Nilekani : She invests time and money on education and now more on water
Sudha Murty : She invests time and money on education (It Infosys Foundation, wher founder met her)
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : In his Ashram in Bengaluru
Students in various Municipal schools in Mumbai, Delhi and tribal schools in Thane, Jowhar - They are future of this big world and some are great motivators.
Sunder of Mastek
Vijay Mansukhani of ONIDA (Founder hardly met Gulu Mirchandani)

Identity in CSRidentity.com is taken after meeting Wally Olins
Of course founder met Wally in India.
Olins died at the age of 83 on 14 April 2014.
Founder was in UK between 12 to 18 April 2014, but could not meet Wally.

Greats in different countries
One may think travelling is expensive, so founder has lot of money. But the fact is most of these visit were sponsored by organisations like India Centre Foundation, GRI, Global compact, Sista's Worldcom ... Infact people & organisations paid for founder's hospital and after hospital expenses because founder family could not afford sustainability. Founder's mediclaim took care of some bills.

Canada : Social entrepreneurs in 1997
Netherlands : Business leaders in 1998 and again in May 2013
Phillipines : Social entrepreneurs in Manila in 1999
United Kingdom : Business leaders.
Thailand : Vegetables sold in floating river
France : ASHOKA Fellow at Paris
Austria : Business leaders in Vienna
UAE : Saw one of the talles building on earth
: Policy makers, business leaders, political representatives at Indo Japan Summit in Tokyo in 2011.
South Korea : Social and community leaders in Seoul in 2009
Singapore : Animals like Tiger, Lion, Elephants from hardly any distance

Greats in Thane
Ministers of Maharashtra
Former Minister in Maharashtra Mr Jitendra Awhad
was Law college GS in 1984-85 when founder was doing law in Bedekar College Thane. Founder did not meet him because Mr Awhad was too busy.
Dr Vinay Sahastrabuddhe
Prakash Paranjape (Founder stayed at his Delhi Bunglow for 3 odd days when MP was not there, now his son Anand is standing in election 2019 for MP post)
Rajan Vichare
(M H High School Batchmate 1977)

Ashwini Joshi, Ujwal Uke
In fact after meeting Ujwal Uke, founder decided to start his social enterprise
Incidentally, with Ujwal Uke founder did campaign for accidents way back in 1996

Now alphabetical
Adv Ram Apte : Simple by nature (Of course knows law well)
Aum : Founder's son who accompanied Bhau while taking him to hospital on 28.8.2013 (He was in 11th Standard then - first year in college)
Bhau : Founder's courageous father.
Dara singh of Jupiter Hospital
: A schoolmate and was in hospital but more important is that fact that Abhay & Radhika are responsible for seeing and giving one child for adoption.
Rohan : Founder's son who is his teacher of Integration.
Shakuntala mavshi who took great care of Rohan
TJSB authorities Vaishampayan, Karve, Utekar, Sunil Sathe
T Chandrashekhar - TMC Commissioner - Started Political party
V V Laxminarayana - Former Police person who joined Politics
Vikasdada : He is a doctor but now spends most of his time in Agriculture and is responsible for a rose garden named after his father Saralgaon

Greats in Thane
- See the inspirational fighting spirit
Nilkore kulkarni - Founder meets him almost daily when he goes for morning walk, has already taken care of cancer by removing his vocal cord
Relative - Name not to be shared, she is fighting thrid stage cancer for so many years
Relative - Name not to be shared, she is helping her husband's fight for curable blood cancer

Founder thinks that Poverty is a big culprit
Hari Wagh, a Below the Poverty Line citizen in Palu in Thane district. Infact founder thought Hari Wagh should be an example of how one can take care of living of Below the Povery Line people for 3 years but founder that he has many large things to do as examples

Greats at the time of hospitalisation after 28.08.2013
Dr Harshad Purandare : A doctor with great humanity.
Dr Vishwanath Bapat : Aurvedic treatment.
Greats like Venkat (name comes regularly), a not to be mentioned philanthropist
Not to be named philanthropist
Founder's school alumni like Sandeep Bhagwat, Abhay Gadiyar.

Founder's MMS alumni like Sunil Joshi, Anil Bhot, Ajita (Even Girish who stays in Australia enquired and later met him)

Founder's relative Vidhyadhar Patki and his brother Dr Vinay Patki
Founder's friends like Satish Ponkshe, Tendulkar, Raju Patwardhan
Founder's relatives Atul Vaze, Manoj Marathe, Amey Joshi, P..
Founder's Nalu mavashi, Aasha Mavashi and Chintaman Kaka
And of course relatives like Neha, Medha Vaze, Medha Patki, Neeta and Rohini's friends were great help because they used to help Rohini when founder used to be taken for Oxygen therapy.

Founder's wife Rohini : Founder thinks her name must be shared at the end.

Not writing the names of CSR heads, many NGO heads or funding agency heads, World Bank, UN representatives in different parts of India

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.