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From now to January 7, 2018, we are working on a new system which just gives you what you want to see and all questions or content will be in alphabetical order which means if you want to see brain weight, you can visit alphanet B in Brain will be in alphabetical order in that B content.In case you want to see the capitals of various countries, it will be in C and we will have a page which shares all the countries / SARs / islands with their capitals ...

In year 2018, we plan to share 2 to 3 pages on each social issue like if you visit C, you will go to Child Health and you will see statistics & basic information on Child Health.

We will be happy if we get sponsors for each social issue or things like capitals or brain or heart or fever, cold, cough .... the idea is one should know that simple fever or cough can happen to people and if it is normal, then one should not take a shock that she / he has fever... simple treatment or breathing helps ....

We will have tougher issues like How to measure CSR and we are doing a research on Sustainability & Reputation Tree to share top of the tree, roots of the tree and each branch & leaf which helps you to measure CSR and yes, the tree size depends on the category, so for corporates the tree will be far bigger than for an individual, for celebrities the tree size will be larger than a nomral individual because celebrities have large fan following.....