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Rohan Bapat, one of the key reasons which helped us change our vision.

We work on all the 365 days. And one of the key reasons which helped us change our vision of universal development is Rohan. Rohan, one of the two sons of founders of CSRidentity.com, helped us think that universal development will only happen if we value & take care of disabled citizens. We realised that having a disability places you in the world's largest minority group.

Rohan, the elder son of our founders, helped us in our thinking that money is just one thing that helps one's sustainability. The most important thing we all possess is mind. We must remember that any one can be disabled anytime in her / his life. The reasons can be many, like birth defects or accident or diesases like Alzheimers. Currently around 10 per cent of the total world's population, (the world population is 7 billion+ or 7000 million+, so we are talking about 70 million+ specially challenged - most in this world calls it as disabled), live with a disability. In most of the OECD countries, females have higher rates of disability than males. Eighty per cent of persons with disabilities live in developing countries, according to the UN Development Program (UNDP). The World Bank estimates that 20 per cent of the world's poorest people have some kind of disability.

Rohan faces sensory integration and after the almost fatal accident of Sanjay Bapat, one of our founders, we realised again that all of us need to look at disabled in a positive mindset. Our vision can never be achieved if citizens treat Rohan & similar citizens negatively. We are grateful to MBA Foundation to take Rohan in their hostel on the day of the almost fatal accident, 28.08.2013. Now Rohan can stay at home but we realised the value of credible hostel is much beyond staying. It helps these world citizens in a positive manner, something we cant do at home because our love for our children comes as an obstacle in goodness of citizens like him. Also, the fact is that a disabled person is treated like a citizen in a hostel with key disciplines and that citizen enjoys the company of similar citizens).

Sanjay Bapat, one of our founders thought that the second son, Aum, should take CSRidentity.com & DevelopedNation.org much further & deeper because we are much more than just a site; it is a continuous process which converts thinking into a site. So Aum was just in 8th standard when he was taken to Vienna, Austria to take a view of the status of citizens in this world. For almost 3 days, he attended the Global social business summit and he met Prof. Muhammad Yunus, father of microcredit and initiator of social business. He also was taken to Seoul when he was in 9th standard when one of our founder went to Global compact meeting there. But Aum wanted to practice as a doctor. On 01092015, he became a student of medicine. He wants to do his MS in neurosurgery based on his meeting with Dr Harshad Purandare and then he met Atul Vaze who said that Liver and Kidney are two parts which can be transplantated and there are lot of people who need it.

Our cofounder Sanjay Bapat is now thinking that Aum should do what millions of people need and it doesnt need any transplantation. The disease (we are perhaps few who call it disease) is called as mental corruption and in every country you will find citizens who suffer from this so called disease (rich & poor, urban & rural) . The only issue is that there will be millions of patients but no relatives or officials will take such a patient of mental corruption to a doctor because nobody wants medicine for greed which develops this disease. Only spiritual medicine helps (and not medicine which we get in a chemist shop or in hospitals).

Aum said he will take a final decision within short time on his specialisation aera (if at all he wants to change a decision). Today, for him neurosurgery and opthalmology are two specialisations he is thinking of. Yes, Dr Harshad Purandare told him to think of two specialisation areas because no one knows whether she / he will get admission in any one specialised area.

After 28.08.2013, Sanjay decided to focus of promoting stakeholders (not for profits, for profits, celebrities....) working & helping for universal development. Of course he knows that it costs to share technical inputs, do research to develop the site and mainly promote the site globally. So he will look at global costs. And knowing that NGOs, corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities can be approached faster to take the global lead, he is reaching out to them from late November 2017. (Sanjay feels that citizens dont like the number 13 but dont we breathe on 13th ? So to make a day or bad is human responsibility)

We know that everyone needs money for treating hunger (not greed; infact there is no money which is enough for greedy humans), and taking care of the health of the family. So now Rohini, our other cofounder takes care of sharing challenges people face in India and efforts required to promote the employee volunteering in India.

We thought we are getting too personal but we know that we must start universal development from ourselves and our home.

We know that Rohan is just one of the 10% citizens in this world who lives with disability. But he is one of the key reasons why we work on all days (dont we breathe everyday whether it is weekday, saturday, sunday, religious day, independence day? For us work is now our hobby). We know that one life can never change this world. But if each citizen invests at least 2% of her / his time & money for universal development, it can happen faster. And one must set self behaviour as an example.

See Bhau, a world citizen who was 82 years old helped Sanjay & his family on 28.08.2013 and how all citizens (including the senior citizens) need to replicate (modify, if situation needs) Bhau.

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CSRidentity.com is not even counted as a drop of water in an ocean. But 7.4 billion plus humans will surely make a difference. See sustainable development goals of UN. We value Bill & Melinda Gates more for their work together to expand opportunity to world's most disadvantaged people.
Go to Giving pledge.
Jordan Spieth is an ace player in Golf. But sports is not the only thing in his life. Ellie, Jordanís younger sister with special needs, is his constant source of support and grounding. CSRidentity.com through Developed Nation Network Trust has started developing Kokanipada (forest area in Thane) which has adivasi (tribal) citizens. It is our sample of universal development. Yes, do take care of your own sustainability but think about the sustainability of this world and this universe.
Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.