Global examples of development

CSRidentity.com starts with 4 major global examples where we can visit and see the programmes.
We know you may think that this is myopic thinking when we say Bhau made us realise that Vishwachi Maze Ghar (Universe is my house)

But we do this because we start with our home ground
(actually one is born in hospital, but home is where one starts living, thinking, resting and that home can be a hut, flat, bunglow, palace ... and our home is in Thane, we start with Thane plus one in Solapur district in India which gives formal education to child citizens from nomadic community plus of course Brand Thane)

We cant visit organisations in 100 countries in one year and yes, even if it is sponsored
because it not only costs money but to actually see the organisation, understand various programmes it does takes more than 1 day.

Again, visiting 100 countries means we damage to climate which is already in a bad shape.
And we are a digital platform (an internet driven portal) and we share information online, so instead of visiting the organisation, we have decided to enter into partnership or online, telephonic credibility check of funders to the organisation.

4 Global examples + Thane
Ashray Akruti Foundation : For disabled (actually different abled) citizens and founder teacher Rohan is well taken care of here, thus allowing him to to invest.
Kokanipada : TMC education school in the tribal zone
Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi (Scientific blood bank)
Yamgarwadi, Solapur
Thane constituency (all NGOs in Thane starting with those for education, disabled, water, skill development, income generation)

So from just 4, we plan to increase the number to 365 by 28.3.2021 and this is in partnership of individuals (typically alumni of founder) and organisations.

We + You
CSRidentity.com is just the vehicle you use to move the development sector forward.
In one family get together, founder was asked what you think of yourself and he said : "I see myself as a Driver who drives vehicle carefully, sees things and integrats information"
You can be volunteer, donor from any country. Use our vehicle and make these 4 as Global benchmarks of development.
And yes, dont leave what you are doing, this is sort of bonus volunteering and donation. (When you are about to expire, if someone asks you what is your last wish, say, give me one extra day or $100 because I want this time with these 4 + 1 cases and donate these $100 to these global examples)

Of course this doesnt stop us.
We want you to help others (something millions have been doing even before founder was introduced in this world in 1962 by Aai and Bhau)

Only 4 is tooooooo less. What about their funding proposals ?
CSRidentity.com shares funding proposals, programmes, volunteering & donation opportunities of NGOs in all countries in a novel way.
Instead of sharing the detailed information, we just share link to the related organisation website, so that one can visit them, see their programmes and opportunities to fund or volunteer with them and they can see the contact details and contact the organisation without us. We do not want money, but where we get invaluable income is income of satisfaction of helping others.