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CSRidentity.com will share the funding proposals, volunteering & donation opportunities this village which we plan to share to individuals & institutions across the world to make global case studies by 28.10.2017
We were thinking of lifting one below the poverty line person to above the poverty line for say 3 years and ensure that this funding is used by the person to take care of herself / himself for the future part of life.

We searched whom to lift above the poverty line and after a long time met one person in Palu village in Thane district. But then we had many questions like why just one person in the family, what happens to others in the family, what happens to neighbours who are below the povery line, should we just give money or give nonfinancial help...........

We also realised that we should invite others and take care of a small village to start with and it should be close to where we stay, so that we can see the activities and it does not remain cheque book philanthropy.

In October 2016, our wait was over and we selected Kokanipada.
There are a lot of key things which sort of solved our queries.

1) Kokanipada is advasi tribal village (so our idea of helping adivasi's - tribals - is taken care of).
2) Kokanipada is at the boundary of urban Thane, so we can physically go there. It will not be just cheque book philanthropy but check & then give cheque and then again check the impact.
3) Kokanipada citizens go for work in urban Thane, so livelihood is quite ok.
4) Kokanipada is the starting point of forest, so there is beauty of nature.
5) Kokanipada has a municipal school, so we can educate children there and we may start adult education in partnership with corporates.
6) Kokanipada is a good place for a butterfly garden, so we can develop this garden and locals can charge visitors and earn income.
7) Kokanipada citizens see snakes (and sometimes tiger comes there in the night), so they experience wild life. (So our idea of a village close to forest is also taken care of)
8) Kokanipada villagers dont eat urban food but have Nachani bhakri for breakfast and lunch which means they eat nutritious food. (So urbanites or corporate employees can eat this nutritious food which means Kokanipada becomes a nutritious food place)
9) Kokanipada is a forest so our idea of nature without pollution is taken care of.
10) Kokanipada is close by road and rail so it is a good place to experience rural life, nature, natural food, natural water ... for corporates employees or any human being and this also gives livelihood opportunity to locals.
11) Kokanipada is a good place to use solar energy.
12) Kokanipada can be a good example of Swachha Bharat. A good example for cleaniliness across the world. We did a programme to clean toilets on world toilet day on 19th November 2016 in the only municipal school there.
13) There are a lot of things we will experience and we will share it with you. (We like to promote number 13 because many people are scared of number 13. We want people to understand that 13 is just a number like 1, 2, 3 .. so many times you will see that we stop at number 13)

And more important is the fact that we have no financial interest and we have no land interest.
We get training on many things like
1) How to take emotionalism & professionalism together.
2) How to avoid politics because we see that rural people spend lot of time in politics, rather than think or actually work on improvement of the village. We are also learning to invest developmental & professional politics as a platform, so that people in Kokanipada become professional citizens.
3) Experience humanity & nature together.

Some of the things where we want funding for Kokanipada
1) Use solar cookers
2) Public toilets which villages can use - and these should be clean toilets ..
3) Computers in the municipal school ( 3 to 5 computers)
4) Laptop or TAB for each student so that Kokanipada becomes a replicable schooling model which uses modern technology & also use less paper (which means less use of wood for priniting educational books)
5) Volunteers who share 10 / 20 line information about scientists like Edison, Newton, Einstein, Dr Abdul Kalam .... great humans like Vivekananda, Shivaji.... we have started preparing volunteering material and we want to place it on CSRidentity.com and link it from the home page, so that other schools acrosss the world can use it to their students. Just print it and use this for volunteering anywhere in the world. No permission required.
6) Doctors who can volunteer and give medical facilities to students in the municipal school

If any individual or institution wants to give financial help, give the money to Developed Nation Network Trust, our NGO formed in 2009.