Yamgarwadi : A place of a school for nomadics : Global image enhancer : CSRidentity.com
CSRidentity.com will share the funding proposals, volunteering & donation opportunities of this hostel / school which we plan to share to individuals & institutions across the world to make global case studies by 28.10.2017

In Yamgarwadi, there is a school for nomadics (In marathi language, Bhatke ani Vimukta) and the father of our cofounder, Bhau, had taken care of Yamgarwadi student fees for one year.

CSRidentity.com wants to help the children to go to the school and learn.
There may be a situation where parents dont have any money to pay the school fees of their daughters / sons / guardian students, so we plan to help the school with partner organisations.
We also plan to help parents to earn their livelihood , so that soon they can take care of education for their children.
We also want adult education programmes to parents.

To start with, in 2015, we have started a science lab there with STEM learning.

We plan to support the NGO, Bhatke Vimukta Vikas Pratishthan, which works in Yamgarwadi which is in Solapur district in Maharashtra, a state in India.