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About DevelopedNation.org

Developed Nation Network Trust, our NGO was formed in year 2009 but our thinking that each nation must be a developed nation was much before that.

Our cofounder used to question himself that is it right to live, eat & sleep in a house, when you see people living on the streets, people begging on the streets and people eating on the streets (Not the people who have lot of money, specially the young generation who loves to eat on the street). He thought then that why he did engineering and why he is doing management studies when he sees economically poor people. He should work at least in Thane to ensure that people are above the poverty line. But then he was young and he thought that these worries are a small part of his mind and will vanish sooner or later.

In 1999, our cofounder started with a site on Thane but after 28.08.2013 he realised the fact that Thane is just a district of India ; India is only one of the 193 UN member countries; countries are a small part of this world; this world is a small part of this large universe. So now we cover challenges and solutions in terms of programmes of individuals & institutions across the world on issues & subissues.

Even now, when our cofounder sees people staying on streets in Thane, he wonders why we live in a house when we see so many people living (literally living) on the streets. But now we know that each one is born with specific challenges and instead of crying, we can only help people sort out these challenges.

Infact, our cofounder thought that his second son Aum, should focus on sharing not just social issues that people face across the world but individuals & institutions addressing these challenges through programmes. So when he was in 8th standard, he took him to Austria when he met Prof Muhammad Yunus or next year in South Korea. When our cofounder realised that Aum was keen on studying medicine, our cofounder told him that there are millions of doctors across the world and he will be just one of them.

But after 28.8.2013, our cofounder realised the value of medical profession is far higher than what one thinks and also the fact that no one can decide what her / his son / daughter can do (Yes, parents can guide them and more than parents, teachers spend more time with children who are known as students. Just remember that while parents do their work for sustainability or for joy, and if both parents are working, then the teachers spend more time of the day with students).

He also realised that each citizen can decide her / his future plan. So our cofounder did not say anything to the decision his son studying medicine but he will be happy if Aum changes his decision, even after doing graduation in medicine or post graduation of medicine and start promoting individuals & institutions who either do programmes, financially support programmes or do campaigns to promote good programmes across the world. These programmes can be replicated or scaled up by institutions across the world.

And this is not for any economical reason but it will give great satisfaction if we can play a small part of integration in universal development. We all know that each citizen will leave this world one day, and the simple fact that no one takes any money or hut or flat or palace with her / him when one she / he leaves this earth. We dont know why most of us fear death, when we all know that it is a simple & clear word and is the final destination of all of us.

But we still see many challenges in Thane. Even if a good person leaves this world and makes & registeres a WILL (with doctors signature that the person is in good mental condition) and the WILL is opened after he is physically no more in this world, his son challenges that the WILL was done at old age.... How many of us make a WILL at 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 years of age and we mean a registered WILL. We think such a bad thing is an absolute waste of court's time (and that is when realised that the court has many pending cases) and damaging India's image.

We know the real reason but always have one simple question that why people challenge the registered WILL and 1) what is government doing 2) why government waste's their time rather than development of the country. On 06.03.2016 when our cofounders saw that medical books for Aum with a CD, we are thinking that we should take videos of doctors from Thane on health issues and put it online so that all can see it online without any cost. Issues like fever, cough, cold, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, HIV / AIDS, carcinogenic issues, neurology issues, pregnancy issues, old age issues...

Now we treat Thane district as a global example and know that issues are not just with poor but middle class as well as financially rich class..

We must use the marketing management techniques so that we can at least reduce the number of people living on the streets, some even begging. Our cofounder now thinks that education in school / college is one thing, but we must learn from our daily life. The recent events made him a student of psychology (we know many people go to psychologists but the psychology specialists do not tell who came as a patient because their job is different than a client - customer job. Their science is based on human emotions). After seeing the situation in India and in 10 different countries, now he thinks that we must take action or at least promote those who take action. Responsibility is not just a word. Everything we do everytime must be a responsible behaviour and responsible process.

Having seen how individuals are myopic in their thinking and just think of their house, neighbourhood, religion, caste, colour, nation ... we thought that it will take generations to change the mindset of all. But someone must start.

When we started Developed Nation Network Trust, we thought that nations (countries) must be developed. UN thought of MDGs (2015), now want sustainable development (2030) and we thought universal development by 2050. But now we are clearer that even if the present challenges of issues are taken care of by 2050 new issues or new subissues will appear anytime. So we have removed 2050 and now our vision is Universal development. e.g. girl child education might get over by 2030 or 2050 but then we will have value in education as a key issue & it is far larger than just education.

We formed Developed Nation Network Trust on 30.03.2009, but now are realising that many citizens of this world equate development & economic prosperity. The idea of each nation, a developed nation was quite earlier but legally it was put on paper only when we registered the thought. People dont realise that development & economic prosperity are different issues when one progresses as an individual or as a nation. And one of the cause of issues related to economic prosperity is greed. Actually this type of mental thinking is a disease and this unknown disease is across the world. But no one can come forward to medical advice (forget medical treatment) for this disease.

We have started DevelopedNation.org, a site of Developed Nation Network Trust on 28.03.2017 in its pilot stage and want to ensure that each NGO / NPO is sustinable and makes / sells products to earn income, so that if there is no funding for some time, the NGO does not collapse because of lack of funds. Of course, the NGO / NPO must get regular funding but we are saying that if the funding stops for a year or two, the services of the NGO / NPO should not stop.

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.