Funding proposals
Donation Appeal



Every NGO in every country needs funds. Because they exist to serve people & climate.

We plan to start sharing funding proposal links of NGOs from any country.
To simplify for donors, volunteers, NGOs, media ... we share them first issuewise and within issuewise, we share them countrywise.

We do not take any commission on funding received by them but charge to promote them to funding agencies, corporates, philanthropists, media, NGOs ....and colleges who may be looking for sending interns to NGOs for fund raising or branding ...

We will start the process from Mid November 2022.

We plan to charge a fee of Rs 5000/- to all NGOs which want to send their funding proposal for a period December 2022 to 31.3.2023 but plan to charge Rs 3650/- to Ashoka Fellows. Its our way of helping Ashoka Fellows across the world.

The charge will be USD 75 or equivalend in your country currency to any NGO because we have to pay bank transaction fee for any currency coming from outside India. The fee for Ashoka Fellows will from any country outside India will be USD 55 or equivalent in your country currency. We cant reduce Bank transaction fee even if you are an Ashoka Fellow because banks do not reduce transaction fees for Ashoka Fellows and therefore we need to pay the same amount.


They may not value money.
Like founder hardly valued money in economic terms.
But Rohan shared the value of money.
And 28.08.2013 was a major eye opener because many people came to help founder when he had an almost fatal accident.
Right from Bhau (his father), to corporates, PR agency, Venkat, Philanthropist all came to help him postpone his death.

They changed the purpose of life of founder.
He thinks the money he & his family got was invaluable.
He can never return this invaluable money.
So as a Return Gift, he thought he will help people who need money to survive, people & organisations who help society address the social, health & climate challenges they face.

And while he thought he will do it free his Chartered Accountant & friends told him earn and you may give 100% of it back to communities.
But doing free things all the time has no value. Even teachers are paid salary by schools because they have to survive to teach.
So dont play with words & cheat yourself.
Like you can change the words & make Teacher as Cheater.
But that should never underestimate the Value of Teachers and Parents are your first teachers.

We are different.
We plan to change 2.3% of income NGOs or NPOs or Charities get as donation as fees for our sustainability. And this number is different than 15% commission ad agencies took when founder worked in Ad agencies in 1990s.
Brain weight is 2% of body mass and Heart weight is 0.3% of body mass.
NGOs use heart more but they must use their brain power to help communities & climate.
So 2 + 0.3 = 2.3

But again, we will say give 2.3% to us to survive or help more who cant pay.
But if someone uses our services and dont pay, we will burden the legal system by taking the persons or organisations to courts of India. We will say it was our mistake to not know their self governance. And by giving service without payment is punishment we wiil give to us for our mistakes of judging people.
And of course we are saying people which means "not born humans" who are medically human beings but there exist people who even did not purposely see when their father or grand father or father in law who left earth but was physically still present.
But that's life.