Starting with C
NGOs as selling points
Corporate name Corporate Founder or founders
Canon Inc   Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida, Takeo Maeda
Capital One   Financial Richard Fairbank, Nigel Morris
Cardinal Health   Robert D. Walter
CarlMax   Richard L. Sharp
Carrefour   Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey, Jacques Defforey
Caterpillarr   C.L. Best
Cathey Financial Holding   Tsai Wan-lin
Centene   Elizabeth "Betty" Brinn
Charter Communications   Barry Babcock, Jerald Kent, Howard Wood
China Everybright Group   Wang Guangying, State Council of China
China Merchants Bank   Yuan Geng
China Merchants Group   Li Hongzhang
Christian Dior
  Christian Ernest Dior
Chubb   Thomas Caldecot Chubb
Cisco Systems   Leonard Bosack , Sandy Lerner
CITIC Group   Rong Yiren
Citigroup   Sanford Weill (Travelers Group) , Samuel Osgood (Citicorp)
CJ Corp   Lee Byung-chul
CMA CGM   Jacques R. SaadĂ©
CNP Pumps India   Sunil Joshi
Coca-Cola   John Stith Pemberton (as Coca-Cola) Asa Griggs Candler (as The Coca-Cola Company)
Comcast   Ralph J. Roberts
ConocoPhillips   Frank Phillips
Costco Wholesale   James Sinegal, Jeffrey Brotman
Country Garden Holdings   Yang Guoqiang
Creative Tools & Components   Kedar Luktuke, Pradeep Kulkarni, Naresh Timble
Credit Suisse Group   Alfred Escher, Allgemeine Deutsche Credit-Anstalt
CVS Health   Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, Ralph Hoagland