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While we direct IndianNGOs.com site to CSRidentity.com, the services of IndianNGOs.com Pvt Ltd formed by us in the year 2000 continue.

Why we have absorbed NGO addresses and NGO credibility research of IndianNGOs.com
India is just one of the many countries in this world.
NGOs are just one stakeholder.
There are 193 UN member countries, 2 SARs, 63 countries / regions which are not UN members, 5 oceans, 7 continents, 1 world, 1 universe ....
And there are stakeholders like governments, corporates, funding agencies, celebrities, philanthropists, media, consultants, researchers, ad agencies, PR agencies .....

After 28.08.2013 we have changed our vision and now we cover all countries, regions, issues, stakeholders.
There may be regions which we have not covered and if so, let us know and we will cover them soon.
There are issues which we may think are just local issues & we may not have covered them. But if the issue is global, let us know and we will cover it.
We dont cover issues like naxalism, terrorism, crime. Yes, they surely affect societies but these are handled only by specialists and we leave it to them..
We cant cover the names because there can be individuals some call specialists while others dont call them so.

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