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We are virtual, take our small step towards climate change. So we dont want you to come all the way to our office.
Invest your time & money for the benefit of the world and of course your sustainability, reputation.
You are always busy but lets be clear that you have one life and enjoy at least some part of your life with your family, friends, colleagues ....

Our founder has lived his life. After 28.8.2013, he thinks now he is a member of the large family of universe.
We cant take your call when we are in meetings, in villages, thinking or watching television or reading news.
Just email to
Whatsapp / SMS us on following numbers. In India : 09820073599 , In any country besides India :910 9769473599

Developed Nation Network Trust (Our NGO)
The NGO was formed in year 2009. Our thinking that each nation must be a developed nation was much before the almost fatal accident of 28.8.2013
See why the NGO was formed & its purpose

No holiday
Our founder has no holiday because he works like it is his life & hobby.
Do you take holiday for breathing ? If you take it, then in physical term, you leave this earth. So everyone must work or volunteer till you are on earth in physical form.

Of course, we request everyone to stop work for earning when one completes 75 years
(60 years is too early these days because medical science is increasing livelihood age)
After 75 years either you leave the world or devote time for volunteering your time, skill, core competency.

If you do video / audio volunteering, then you may be staying in one country, but anyone in any country who has internet / audio access, should see your views.
So be a responsible global citizen.

Our founder Sanjay Bapat's religion legally may be one but his true religion is "truth" and legally, there is no religion by this name and we dont want to invest time just to add new religion.

Contact by email (anytime of the day and from any country)

Phone calls and emails
We do not share our phone numbers to people at large because we value their time and can not accept calls when we are in meetings or thinking or watch or see news portals to see what is happening in various countries or things like when we go for morning walk (on the road we cant accept calls)... of course, we are alert 24 hours because when it is 8 AM in India, it is afternoon time in eastern countries and night in far off western countries..

We have people and ensure that at least one person is alert anytime.

Send message through SMS, Whatapp, email.

SMS or whats app
What's app or SMS to 0919820073599 , 0919769473599 , 0919769464033
If we call you, it may be from the above 2 numbers because these are shared free with people across the world and we usually do not accept unknown numbers.

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.