Tourism locations in each country

We have provisions to share tourism locations countrywise.
And each UN member country shares key stakeholders in that country.
So if you want to see tourism locations in India, go to India from the above links and you can see tourism locations there.

We are not a tourism site but we share tourism locations and agencies countrywise for couple of things.
1) It provides income generation to locals, so in a way stops migration
2) It gives satisfaction to people who tour and these are usually very busy people in their daily schedule. So it is a fun, relaxation and tour with family or friends, which is important for humans.
3) Instead of reading and seeing on television, it is good experience to see wall of china or ice or winds in europle or trees in the forests of Africa or religious locations is great satisfaction to many senior citizens (Of course some young like to visit religious locations but more percentage of of senior citizens)

To summarise, we share these two from income generation for locals, some number of people who do not migrate to metros and satisfaction angle

Any tourism agency or just anyone can share tourism locations in any country and if it is right, we will share it free.

On this page, we plan to share what this stakeholder Brand means, its Identity, Responsibility & Challenges.

We plan to start sharing it in April 2021