Issue in India

CSRidentity.com plans to have and share eInterviews where related professionals from NGOs, Corporates, Foundations can share challenges related to this issue and the solutions.

We plan to share names of all NGOs (With links to their websites) districtwise, so that donors & volunteers can easily understand who is working where, see the funders of the NGO, its borad, credibility, contact details and contact them directly.

As an integral part of our Dream Stock Exchange (Not real SE), we plan to share all NGOs working on this issue , so that donor get wide choice by visiting each NGO website.

If any donor finds it difficult to decide, then they can use our consultancy services. CSR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. will charge per NGO per district a consultacy service fee of Rs 10000/- plus GST. (If a donor wants to identity NGO in 5 districts, they pay us Rs 50000/0 plus GST or if the want 1 NGO in 1 district on say 4 issues, they pay a fee of Rs 40000/- plus GST)

Instead of calling us, one can email us (Datacentre@CSRidentity.com), so that we invest more time in research & promotion than talking. When you send email, just send 5 lines with links to your website (If we receive any email with presentations or images or word files or presentations, our email machine will reject it because donors and we will see the website for presentations, images, details rather then jamming our email box)