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Why same company 3 or 4 times ?

Any company or corporate is shared 3 times.
1) Countrywise
2) Industrywise
3) Alphabetical

Fortune 500 companies are shared in 4th folder called Fortune 500.

Reason is clear.
1) Each country has specific corporate related ministry and law may be different countrywise. e.g. 2% CSR law is only in India.
2) Manytimes a corporate which is based in IT would like to know IT based companies from any country for their future plans or as competitor or ....
3) The idea started when founder read news about Kering board. He knew Kering is based in France but it is not possible for him or for anybody to tell immediately where are 36500 companies that we plan to share by 31.3.2022 based. So just go to Kering and see the company.

Most important thing to remember that each corporate has a separate page and from all the three mentioned above (countrywise, industrywise and alphabetically) link to the company will go to that specific page of the company where on the right side there is no banner is allowed.