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Currency in India


Currency in India : Indian rupee

A currency is a standardization of money. It can be banknotes, coins or digital currency.

The word rupee is derived from the Sanskrit word “Rupayakam”or “Rupya” which means silver coin.

Denomination of Rupee is printed in Hindi and English on the obverse while on the reverse side the value of rupee is printed in 15 official languages of states. These languages appear in alphabetical order on the currency notes. These language are – Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malyalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

Currency is current see
We are different.
People may pronounce the word as Current See.
Money is a big current.
People do many bad things because they are so hungry for money.
And its never ending hunger.

A person with diabetes cant eat sweet.
Its time people realise that people hungry for money when they have enough money have money diabetes.
Money being sweet, they must not be toooooooooo hungry for sweet money.

The medicine they can have is helping others in whatever they are good at (whether it is teaching how to invest or how to draw or how to run or how to make food or how to maintain cleanliness ....)
It is not a medicine which you can buy.
Its your time and talent you have to give to community.
See how satisfied you are.
Its tough.
You can start with being a Birthday Philanthropist. Click here to see how simple it is.

Again, let them not be myopic and help themself and their family.
They must think beyond themself.

Climate change is a BIG current which can kill humans, animals, trees, infact it is a BIG killer and is slow but much bigger than a Nuclear Bomb.

Bank notes are made of paper. And fire ensures Bank Notes are burnt. They vanish.
So be selfish to ensure Climate Change doesnt burn your notes.

And if you say that we use Digital currency
Remember climate will one day burn banks or any place you save money.
Remember, every human has expiry date and will also vanish.

Attitude is BIGGER currency because everyone has attitude.
If it is wrong Current, people with false attitude are like killers.

Some people have such an attitude that they purposely dont see their father, father in law, grand father, grand father in law when he is about to leave earth. It may not be about money or property but some things they know better. And if they didnt value that person, they must remember that when a person expires, he or she has no emotions. So your emotional attitude can be blocked for a minute or an hour or ... But they have such ego attitude that they block others also to see the person who is about to leave.

Importantly, such people are not filthy rich but middle class people.

Money can buy physical things like a vegetable or a house or airplance tickets but money cant buy satisfaction. You need to earn it. If people tour 10 countries, visit great locations they may think they are satisfied. But that is temporary satisfaction.

And you think you got satisfaction but you mind will say differently.
And yes, this is about humans and not born humans who sometimes purposely act like they are not humans. That's their attitude.

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