CSR in Industries

Consumers think that it is important for companies which are consumer oriented should do CSR more because it is visible.

CSRidentity.com feels it is myopic attitude.
Because Identity means what you are, it is important for non consumer oriented industries to be not only legal but also ethical in its operations.

Again, consumers love some consumer products because they not only like the product but are impressed by the advertising / PR of the company. Founder worked in Advertising & PR and thinks that if Advertising & PR have to be sustainable, you have to be good and sustainable. Else it is not only temporary but it is sort of not telling the truth.

We understand that there is privacy policy about HR policies but if the company does not take care of its own employees, then taking care of consumers may be seen as money oriented. (May not be true but we are saying as may be). Companies must realise that their employees and supply chain is they themself. Its like one's own body. If you dont take care of yourself, then it is not sustainable to take care of others. e.g. If a doctor does not take care of her / his own health, then she / he cant take care of their patients for many many years because the doctor herself / himself will have health issues. So while patient first is good, what is important is health is wealth.

To summarise, companies must have good HR policies, good business processes, good teamwork with others in the same industry .... infact all the leaves of the Sustainability & Reputation Tree.

Corporates must think
Sustainability tree top
Sustainability tree roots
Community & Philanthropy
Business Processes
Regulations & compliances
Financial resources
People & Planet policies

Organisation environment
Organisation health
Stakeholder dialogue

Signatory issues
Systems & indices



Global Compact


World Bank

Sustainability & reputation

Sustainability of organisation
sustainability of programmes / services


Reputation of organisation
reputation of programmes / services

Employee volunteering

Community based volunteering
Core competency volunteering
Human process or change of habits based volunteering
Skiill based volunteering
time based volunteering

Donation (financial donation)

blood donation
books donation

clothes donation

computers donation

donation of household products

product donation

eyes donation

organs donation

body donation

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We will not accept any sponsor from beverage, tobacco, porno industry or organisations which raise funds for NGOs or give more than 50% of their income to NGOs and corporates which have legal cases by the government of that country.