Branding : Founder worked in Advertising, PR and Social PR after his MBA. He now thinks Brands should Win Mindshare. Then Market share is automatic.

If someone above 30 goes to meet people, they ask : "Which was your college?" If you say Harward, IIM then suddenly there thinking about you goes up.
At the airport, if you say you are from USA, UK, Japan .... then the country brand pick up ... if you say you are from Chad or Guam ... then the country brand needs better positioning.
If at the airport, they ask you where do you stay, and you take the name of a 5 star hotel, your value goes up. If you say you will stay in a cheap hotel, then your value is questioned.

Its 5 star brand, college brand, country brand that enhances your individual brand.

People have not left even god from branding. People think that they should at least once visit Vatican city or Macca or Ayodhya ....

Founder worked in Advertising, PR and Social PR after his MBA. He did his engineering.
But in India, if your engineering has no IIT tag or your MBA has no IIM tag, then ......
If one is IIT and IIM, then the brand value of the institutions increases your brand value.
Its not that only people in IIT and IIM are most talented ... how many film celebrities or singers or painters have IIT, IIM ? But they are far more.
But still, the educational institute Brand is important than the education you get at village level. That's why founder plans to integrate the value of his college brands in Engineering, MBA and his son's medical college brand and of course he did not pass out law because he entered MBA, but his law college is from Thane and he wants to make Thane a Brand.

We know education is like god. But founder has never studied Value Education in school or college. He studied that from his mother at home.

Hardly any scientists studied at top colleges or politicians studied at top colleges. But we live because of them.

While he worked in advertising and PR, it was client servicing team and not creative team.
After experiencing corporates, NGOs, people around, his creative thinking is coming out from the hidden back bench or absence.

Its not creative thinking when he says Brands should Win Mindshare.
Its a fact.
Companies must win minds of their customers or consumers. Then Market share is automatic.

If you have been buying from a grocer for last 25 years or as shopping Mall for last 5 years and suppose the grocer or Shopping Mall is closed buy yo have to buy sugar of 5 Kg, then you just buy 100 gms that day and next day you go to your favourite grocer and Mall and buy rest of the 4.9 Kg .... That's winning mind share of you. That is real Branding.