Branding : It makes you known entity

We value brands.
Right from the morning breakfast to newspapers one reads or internet site one surfs to get news or what one wears to go to office or meet clients or have lunch or dress we wear going to parties or food items one buys or shopping malls or name of corporate or NGO where one is employee or name of NGO one volunteers or donates money or other things or countries one visits for honeymoon or with family or for sight seeing or the tourism agencies one uses to go to countries other than their country or within the country or histrocial locations or experimental locations one visits or which brand water one drinks or even natural rivers and religious locations like the church, mosque, temple one visits ........ we directly or indirectly talk about brands.

And though population across the world in August 2019 was 7.7 billion, there were billions of people who lived earlier but are not on earth in physical form like
Common but courageous person like Bhau because of whom CSRidentity.com has this present vision & purpose to famous people one knows like Albert Einstein or Issac Newton or Tiger Woods or Messi or Federer are big brands.

HUL believes in consumer centricity and as a responsible company is committed to providing safe and quality products to our consumers. HUL has been a pioneer in protecting brands, business and consumers and has always been vigilant in the market place

While all may be good in their field, what stands our about Sachin Tendulkar, Jordan Speith , Ratan Tata, Bill & Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet is about their attitude of helping others.
No money can buy attitude. Yes, we have personally seen that money is required but money cant buy satisfaction. That is why the founder is keen to get billions of peace points rather than billions of dollars because he is clear that when one dies (in good language say "when one leaves the world in physical form"), no one takes any money, gold, property .... of course founder knows that when one expires, she / he / transgender will not even take satisfaction with them. They just die. But helping others, giving them knowledge ... the attitude is something which does not die. It will be transferred to others who live. So person dies but memories of attitude doesnt die with the person.
That is the value of life, which founder learnt from his mother, who indirectly told (not taught) him Value education

Then there is Rohan who is live but dont know what is what. He is as inspiration and integration teacher of founder.
Infact because of Bhau founder is alive and because of Rohan he is integrating all stakeholder in all countries.
In India, we are told that even is courts, many think that the face value of the lawyer is important.
Of course, court gives truth the real value it deservs as per law of the country. But still who says in court adds brand value to what one says in court.

This is about court but even on a portal like Linkedin there are 20+ professionals named Sanjay Bapat, and when you search Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat
, the founder of CSRidentity.com, you get none. So branding humans is simple yet difficult.

Founder worked in Advertising and PR and also handled Public issues before starting internet based Social enterprise in 1999. So whether it is employee's experience or real life experience, his blood is sort of mixed with brand (Again, it is advertising thinking and he knows in medical terms and legal terms it is wrong to say blood mixed with brand. Its thinking terminilogy)

Today, most of the times, only corporates invest on brand building.

When the world is moving fast, technology is making the world a technovillage, most of the stakeholder categories like NGOs, Funding agencies, Media ... depend on the long process of word of mouth advertising.

CSRidentity.com needs to inform, promote technology to NGOs and one of the step is Branding NGOs.

And that is why founder Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat has thought of Dream Stock Exchange which can help NGOs across the world get investors. Social investors who will first check the credibility of the NGO, then offer funds through Cheque - so that it is recorded - and then check whether the NGO has done impact with the funds it goes and serviced community or nature effectively.

Each individual, each organisation (for profit, not for profit), each country, state, county, UT, city, village, river, location is a BRAND



Some have great identity, so they are known ... they are brands
Advertising & PR enhances brand value faster and makes the Brand name popular & visible.

If you ask somebody "Who walked on moon first?", many know the right answer. "Neil Armstrong"

Now if you ask who was the third person to walk on moon ?
There are hardly any answers.

In Olympics, they give 3 medals, Gold, Silver & Bronze. So at least 3 are recognised. But manytimes, one values Gold Medal far far more than Bronze media. In running race, it can be not even 3 seconds difference, but these 3 seconds make a huge difference in Brand Value.

So Neil Armstrong has far greater human brand value than Pete Conrad who was the third human to walk on moon (Again, we are saying Science proved humans because many may say that there was .... who went to moon some few thousand years back.

Identity of CSRidentity.com is IIT which means Integration of Information and Technoloty (not integration of information technology but integration of Information And Technology. The And should not be missed because we think these like two hands which help humans or two eyes which help us.

You can have a great technology but you must know the information of the area where the technology works or is needed. You cant have a technically beautiful ship in desert because there no water in which the ship is used.
So information is key to technology.

On similar lines, you should know the condition of human being faces when she / he is going on moon and based on the information, technology should be used to provide oxygen.

Simple example of founder is : When he had an almost fatal accident, for somedays he was given oxygen therapy which means he was kept in oxygen therapy capsule for some time of the day which gave him oxygen. Oxygen was used for medical treatment purpose. We are not doctors who know the scientific reason but as a common person with no medical science knowledge, see the link to how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

We all use Identity. We all value BRANDS.
Its like Air we breathe without knowing the exact components of air.
Each location has identity and this location can be a village, town, district, state, union territory, county, country, island, territory, continent, or river, ocean, world, universe.

Each location, individual, organisation has BRAND value.
Some like Neil Armstrong are strong brands. Same with countries. Nile, Ganga ... have historic & cultural identity and strong brand value. In Thane Masunda lake has a great BRAND value because many people visit the place.

The Brand identity of an organisation must be so clear that it becomes yardstick against which its products, services, behaviour and actions are measured. This means that the identity can not simply be a slogan, a collection of phrases : it must be visible, tangible and all embracing. Everything that the organisation does must be an affirmation of its identity. Then it becomes Brand Identity.

A further component which is just as significant although it is not visible, is how the organisation behaves : to its own staff and to eveybody with whom it comes into contact including customers, suppliers and its host communities. In case of individuals and politicians it is family members and people in the community, in case of countries, it is not just people but the rivers, agri fields and overall nation ...

Corporate identity is concerned with four major areas of activity :
- Products / services - what you make or sell
- Environment - where you make or sell it - the place of physical context
- Information - how you desscribe & publicise what you do
- Behaviour - how people within the organisation behave to each other and to outsiders

CSRidentity.com name has Identity not by chance but with a clear purpose.
We want to change the very concept of CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility.
CSR means Conscience, Sustainability & Reputation.
We want to change the very thinking that only Corporates have Social Responisbility. NGOs also have social responsibility and so does the govenment, funding agency, media, doctors, religious locations, countries have.

Now one must say that Corporate Social Responsibility is just one of the many roles and responsibilities of corporates.

But then why dont we have popular brands like Engineering, Manufacturing, HR, Governance ... why just CSR.
It is because Conscience, Sustainability, Reputation are key elements of not just each individual on earth but each Government, NGO, Corporate, Media ....

We want to brand CSR's Identity in the above mentioned form which means every individual & institution (incluging governments, not for profits, for profits) should have social responsibility. It is like air or water. Can a human live without air which gives us oxygen or without water ? So mentioning SR as Social Responsibility in CSR is sort of myopic (Some may call it focus but according to us the focus is very small and does not consider every individual & institution. C cant be missed which means without conscience nothing survives).

Commonly used metaphors for conscience include the "voice within", the "inner light", or even Socrates' reliance on what the Greeks called his "daimōnic sign", an averting (ἀποτρεπτικός apotreptikos) inner voice heard only when he was about to make a mistake.

Conscience is increasingly conceived as one which is applying to the world as a whole, has motivated numerous notable acts for the public good and been the subject of many prominent examples of literature, music and film.

If you want, citizens can term CSR as Citizens Social Responsibility or national government's can term CSR as Country's Social Responsibility or NGOs can term CSR as Community Social Responsibility or all across the world can term CSR as Climate Social Responsibility ...

Many film celebrities care for their image and value themself as a brand and create their own identity and so do sports celebrities, music celebrities.... Science celebrities are great and invest their time for innovations or discoveries. So all citizens value them and their identity is automatically created.

CSRidentity.com has created the terms developmental celebrities, health celebrities, environment celebrities, science celebrities and wants all citizens to value them.

Corporates create corporate identity and even brand identity.
While many dont call them for profits, we know that ad agencies, PR agencies, funding agencies, consultanting & research organisations, hospitals, social entrepreneurs... are registered as for profit entities like corporates and we want them to enhance their identity so that citizens in their country or citizens from other countries in this world, value their identity.

We want not for profits like NGO/NPO to create (or if already created then enhance) their own identity.

NGOs / NPOs should do it immediately because it helps them get retail or good financial donors, volunteers....

We know, word of mouth is great and real. But the speed is limited through word of mouth publicity. It picks up much faster when one uses other media like social media or use campaigns, vehicles with expertise like ad agencies, PR agencies...

The simple thing to calculate is the medium one uses to travel.
If we want to go for 10 metres or 100 metres or even 1000 metres, we may use walking as a medium.
If we have to travel to meet someone who is 3 Kms or 10 Kms or 100 Kms, then we use cycle, scooter, motorcycle, bus, train or automobile.
If we have to meet someone who is 1000 Kms or 10 000 Kms away, then we use aircrafts.
This means that for travelling we use media. Then if yourself or your organisation has to travel faster because you want to scale up your operations, then please use other forms of media.

So now, we want to create Identity or enhance Identity for individuals & institutions. We start with giving visibility to them so that one can see what they are and through their behaviour, they will create identity - no other individual or institution can create your identity, its self. In case of corporates, hardly anyone meets the Board or Chairperson or CEO ... people first meet the security person, the receptionist, then may be left operator .... so the identity of the corporate starts right from how they behave because they are representatives of company one visits.

Corporates create corporate identity and brand identity.
We dont understand why only corporates care for this because Branding is helpful for NGOs, Funding agencies, celebrities, all individuals, all countries ... because in case of organisations, it creates good human resources in terms of employees, board ...in case of individuals they create good friends, in case of politicians, they create good vote bank, in case of celebrities they create good followers .......

In advertising & PR ways, how can you write about the identity Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat, founder of CSRidentity.com ?
BAD PR Integration
B is a short form of Best, AD is short form of advertising,
PR is short form of Public Relations, Integration is what we do
Founder worked in Advertising & PR before starting his life journey as Social Entrepreneur.

Yes, some people think B stands for Bad
Instead of doing things, founder has decided to integrate the good social programmes, initiatives, schemes that individuals and organisation across the world do.

May be it is similar to the advertising of a broken TV for Onida where he worked in Advertising from 1990-93. Yes, nobody wants to buy a broken TV but the creative behind the idea was completely different & was a great success.


Founder knows that most of the people hardly invest time in working for the poor or working on social work because they have their own ways of living life. Yes, a few million of them start companies or enterprises or consultancies which give employment & income generation to millions of people in different countries, some act in films which is great because people love to go to movies (many think social work is boring, but most of the films have direct connection with society - not housing society but society)

Many people feel we are doing BAD PR which means not at all good PR. But they must understand BAD PR means Best Advertising & PR Integration services to every individual, organisation, government, country doing social, health or just cheque book philanthropy work. (We want Check before and after signing a cheque, but we are fully aware that we cant change the mindset of people suddenly)

The idea is also that all individuals, organisations, projects must be Sustainable & have positive Reputation.

Services is again what we do or he does and it is not just servicing human beings but his vision includes all living beings and all not living things plus of course the organisations, countries, oceans, continents, world, universe.
So BAD PR Integration.

He is an individual and has formed an organisation.
But he feels this organisation is "for & by all", which means it is ideally governed by all citizens and ethics, quality are not just words, it means ethics, quality.

Our experience in how Reputation leads to Sustainability
Reputation helps sustainability is what we have personally experienced on 28.8.2013 because so many individuals and institutions helped our founders' sustainability after an almost fatal accident.