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CSRidentity.com knows that most of you are not financial billionaires who have taken Giving Pledge donating large amount of money they earned or inheritaged to communities, climate, nation .... We initially thought that YOUR LIFE WILL BE A WASTE, if you do not give 2.3% of your self earned money.
But after calculations and challenges human face plus the very human nature, we know it will be tooooooo much money for many.

But if you cant donate 0.00775% of your wealth to community, then according to us, your life is a waste

(0.00775% is not just any figure. It is the percentage of usable fresh water on earth. Now dont ask us what is 0.00775% )

All of us live with people around us, in a particular country which is an integral part of this world.
If we cant do something for them, then the purpose of life has a big hole.
If there is a BIG hole in one's heart, then one does medical surgery.
We are saying, you do non medical surgery of your thought process if you cant give 0.00775% of your time on earth.

Now lets calculate for your information.
1 year = 365 days and each day is 24 hours, so 1 year has 8760 hours
If we say 60 years of life, then 60 x 8760 which is 525600 hours.
Now 0.00775% of 525600 hours is 4073.4 hours

If 1 year is 365 x 24 = 8760 hours, then when we say 4073.4 hours, it is 4073.4 divided by 8760 which is 46.5 % of 1 year.
Now that is tooooooooooo much for a person who does only volunteering because she / he need to take rest, eat ....

Now lets do calculation with 0.465 % not 46.5%.
This means 0.00465% of 1 year which is 40.734 hours
Again 40.734 hours is toooooooo much for most of the working community.

Now lets calculate again.
If a person does volunteering between 40 to 60 years which means 20 years,
4073.4 hours of total volunteering time in 20 years means it is 203.67 hous per year
This is not even 1 hour per day for 20 years. (1 years is 365 days so 1 hour per day is 365 hours which is more than 203.67 hours)
Again thats tooooooooooo much.

So lets do reverse calculation.
If one does 2 hours of volunteering per year for 20 years, it is 40 hours.
Now 40 hours divided by 525600 hours
(60 years x 365 days = 21900 days x 24 hours = 525600 hours) is 0.007610350
Now 0 .00775 which is percentage of usable fresh water on earth and 0.007610350 are close to each other.

We thought we all need money to survive.
After an almost fatal accident, founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat had thought of no salary for him because he thought that Bhau gave him second life (Non medical second life) and the death was postponed because he has not served mother earth enough.

But after the insurance legal case, where the Judge asked a question related to his income loss, founder thought it is how people live and judge as a human being and this is human insurance legal case. If he had asked how much time you lost in serving earth or at least promoting what others do to help earth, founder would have stuck to his decision of No Salary.

But it means life insurance is income related and not insurance of life in medical term ..
That means medically a company is named Life Insurance Corporation is wrong. (We are saying medical status wise because anyone who is born, has to die may be after 100 years)
No body can insure life for 200 years
Not even doctors and religious greats leave forever. Death is one common thing of all humans (like birth is). So Life can never be ensured for unlimited time, not even 200 years. (There is no exclamatory mark because it is a fact)

So now he wants to earn for taking care of his family sustainability and earn more to promote CSRidentity.com at global level.
He can donate money but that's toooooooo little. He will donate that little money, but he will donate more time.

Bhau added more responsibility on founder because he did a Gift Deed of his property and gifted it to his son, who is founder of CSRidentity.com.
Founder thinks every additional responsibility is good because he gets more satisfaction in taking care of more responsibility.

Bhau has given him large responsibility by indirectly telling him that Vishwachi Maze Ghar which means Universe is my house.
Now if humans create problems for him in Thane, India, Asia, World its ok.
Let them waste Time & Money and trouble founder.
For founder Universe is far larger.


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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.