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Our mission



Our mission
Be sustainable, reseasrch & promotion of individuals, institutions (organisations), nations (countries) working across the world on development.





Which in other words mean
Be responsible for sustainability & reputation of our own organisation.
Be ethical, transparent and quality conscious.
Invest time & money in sharing social issue challenges in countries.
Invest time & money in promoting programmes addressing social issue challenges in countries.
Share government & government schemes. (We know governments are responsible for citizens of the country as well as this world & this universe).
Share political parties in countries, but dont take any advertisements of political parties.

This mission involves promoting millions of individuals & institutions working for social development which is an integral part of universal development.

Earlier, we were thinking of Universal development by 2050 but we realised that it is too short a period one can dream for universal development. More important is the simple fact that problems can be tackled with solutions but new problems will arise in 2020, 2030, 2040, 2050 ....


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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.