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Our focus of work

Each one has 5 fingers to hand. And interestingly, each finger has different length.
Our five finger focus is :

1) Social issues : Cover them countrywise through online research as well as through interviews.
2) Search engines : Help NGOs find right corporates & funding agencies and help people understand the challenges through interviews.
3) Brand enhancement : Branding is key whether it is for NGOs, corporates, funding agencies ....and even to religious & historical locations.
4) Sustainability & reputation : Each individual and institution must look at these two in a responsible manner.
5) Celebrities : Yes, they are celebrities in their field but we want them to take an additional role of helping people in the society because we know celebrities are big influencers. And we have started new types of celebrities like social workers, NGO founders, CSR people, PR people, Journalists and new way to celebrating birth / death days as well as online volunteering.

So CSRidentity.com integrates the work millions of institutions and billions of individuals are doing either as implementors or financial supporters or campaigners or volunteers or retail donors.
The work they do / the programmes they do or financially support must be shared with the world.
Of course we cant name the individuals / institutions for many reasons.



Image enhancement can be at country level or at global level.
We eat at home but when we go out for breaskfast, lunch, dinner or stay, we choose a branded hotel (Yes, people dont mind if the costs are more) maybe because the branded hotels take care of nutrition value of food & security of people.
Dont we get hospitalised in a well known hospital ?
Dont we try to get educated in a branded institute ?
Dont teachers prefer to educate in a branded educational institute ?
Yes, there are always interesting (important) things to remember : e.g. in India, getting admission in Municipal Medical college is far tough than a private medical college but same students / parents while taking admission in school, prefer private schools than municipal schools.

Dont be myopic and think that image enhancement is good for your business. It does more than that. It makes you more conscious to reach higher goals and also doest allow you to slip your image downwards. If you are good enough, then it also helps you know when to stop as a brand ambassador before your client starts thinking that they should hire new celebrity.

Global or country level image ehnacement helps you get more donors, volunteers, NGOs, good ad / PR agencies, consultants, researchers or celebrities promoting you or more admirers for your work or more clients wanting you as a celebrity....

Search in less time
If you are on the road searching the address given to you, then one can tell you various ways and directions to reach the address. Its like maths. When one asks you 2 into 2 is equal to what. The answer is 4 in mathematical terms but one can say 2 x 2 = 1 +3 or 2 x 2 = 0 + 4 or 2 x 2 = 6 - 2 or 2 x 2 = 1000 - 996 ..... Yes, everything is same but time taken to reach the right number is less when someone tells you 2 x 2 = 4 or when someone tells you that you are here and take these directions and you will reach the destination in 9 minutes (GPS system).
That is what our search engines do. It saves your time to know say corporates in India supporting child heath faster because we dont want you to spend time searching for 2000 corporates and then getting to know the corporates which support child health. Same is the process to identify funding agencies ....

Sustainability & reputation
We know how sustainability is critical for survival from self expereience on and after 28.8.2013 and realised the value of doctors, hospitals more that time.
Of course, human life is only 1 and even the security people took life of Indian PM. So we are saying take precautions and live.
More than individual sustainability, we are concerned about institution sustainability and we dont want good institutions to close down, and we are more concerned about good and credible NGOs/NPOs because they must be sustainable (afterall they have good reputation) and for profits should support them financially or help their management donate their skills through volunteering to ensure sustainability of good NGOs/NPOs.
Sustainability & reputation are critical for CSRidentity.com and its team like all individuals & institutions but universal development is our vision and we at know that it is a continuous process and people may or may not know us. So universal development with or without us is key.

Integrate the work
This world comprises of many countries, islands, oceans and world is an inegral part of planet.
Initially we had started sharing information countrywise but after a lot of global research, we decided to share issue wise and then put all the countries under that issue.
But we had a major problem. Corporates (though multi national) have authority to support social issues in their country and not in other countries.
So we had to back to our earlier thought of sharing social issues in respected country folders and it is true because issues may be same but cultural / political system changes countrywise.

Of course, it is not limited to only social issues because there are governments, UN agencies, embassies, corporates, FAs, NGOs.... which invest their time and others who consult them or do research or do campaigns. So we cover them under separate folders like govenments, corporates, NGOs......... celebrities.
We have separate folders for 5 oceans, 7 continents, 1 world & 1 universe.

Millions of institutions, few governments & political parties and billions of individuals are doing work for communities, countries....
The work they do / the programmes they do / the schemes government's have for societies or programmes financially supported must be shared with the world.
That is what we as individuals and an institution do. Of course we cant name the individuals / institutions for many reasons. The whole idea is that no institution can take care of the entire world, so they need partners in each issue in each area. That is what we do. Integrate the work.

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.