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Dedication of the site

Dedication of CSRidentity.com, DevelopedNation.org
CSRidentity.com and DevelopedNation.org are not dedicated to just one individual but to all the 7 billion plus citizens in this world plus all living beings like marinelife, wildlife, pet animals ... and non living things like hut, flat, bunglow, palace, steel, cement, automobiles, airplanes .....

We always say this world because as of now we know only this world but in future science may (we say may) show us another world.

Of course amongst all we must share a few individuals and institutions in this world that we owe more like the scientists, innovators, internet experts, military & police of all countries, media across this world and mental strength to live of more than 1.45 billion individuals who earn just $ 1.25 every day, economically backward class, celebrities which many humans like more than themself, developmental celebrities who we call developmental doctors, all greats who have left this world like Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, and of course lesser known but great individuals like Wilma.
Please remember that satisfaction of helping needy individuals & needy institutions gives us great joy and it is far more that the money one earns when alive.

Why scientists & innovators ?
Scientists & innovators sometimes discover or sometimes invent (discovery & invention) things which are used by people around the world. They do not discover a light or internet which is used only in their country.

Why military & police personnel ?
Military (army, navy & airforce) & police personnel dedicate their life for the nation. There are countries fighting with each other, or leaders who fight for a separate country or region or continent. But these are country leaders & they sometimes have to play politics.
Military & police officials have to obey the orders they get from top.

Why developmental celebrities ?
We know that there are only a few thousand developmental celebrities in this world.
Their work can be modified (based on community needs), replicated or scale up (depending on the size of the community and growth plans).
Citizens manytimes can do anything just to see their film heoine or hero or musician / singer or sports person (like people who love football think Pele is a Pele or Messi is Messi, his country, religion comes after his football expertise).
It is unfortunate that they dont know developmental celebrities from their country, region or world. e.g. just ask how many people who admire Pele or Messi know Nelson Mandella ? (Nature has taken Mandella away from earth, but world still needs his human nature and same is the case with Dr Kurien who is not on this earth but people still call him as the milkman of India). Actually, therefore we have decided to share developmental celebrities, whether they are alive or have left this earth & this world.

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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.