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3 & 13


We know that many people in the world dont like the numbers 3 and 13.
They say 3 or 13 is a bad number.

We think that all humans should start thinking 3 and 13 as just numbers and these should not be avoided.
Dont we breathe on the 3rd day of a month, 3rd hour of any day, 3rd minute of every hour, 3rd second of every minute ?
Dont we breathe on the 13th day of a month, 13th hour of any day, 13th minute of every hour, 13th second of every minute ?

Across the year, on an average 4337772 are born everyday which means 4337772 are born on the 3rd and 4337772 are borne on 13th day of every month.
Even 27 nobel laureates are born on 13th day of month. (Till 2014 Nobel prize winners)


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Just give $1 a month. If 1 billion citizens give just $1 a month, integrate it to arrive at $12 billion a year. Please do it. It is our sincere request to all of you.