Fortune 500 companies : CSRidentity.com is the only portal in the world to share CSR of Fortune 500 differently.
So we give links to CSR or Sustainability or ESG not the company. And we mention country of headquarters of the company

Fortune 500
Fortune 500 are largest 500 companies in the world by revenue.
It shares shares following rich information about the 500 corporates.
Country : Headquarters
Company Type
Revenues ($M)
Profits ($M)
Market Value ($M)
Key Financials (Last Fiscal Year)
Profit Ratios
Earnings Per Share (Last Fiscal Year)
Total Return
Measure Up Diversity & Inclusion Metrics.

Please visit Fortune to see more details and ranking.

How we are different
1) We share Fortune 500 companies alphabetically & not rankwise.
2) We give link to Sustainability or CSR or ESG. We share links not our analysis.

2) In the 500 names, it doesnt mention the country because there is a separate search engine to see countrywise Fortune 500 companies, but we mention country with the company because for us country is important.
As of now we share links to only 100 Fortune 500 corporates alphabetically.
But we have links to all the Fortune 500 companies
We will share links to all the Fortune 500, within 24 hours of getting global information sponsorhip amount. But we share all 500 even today differently.
1) Countrywise
2) By name.
Sponosorship amount
Can your brand have 5 banners for Fortune 500 companies ?

Only one company can share 6 banners.
This page will only share the year of Fortune 500 companies and information mentioned above and we will have one page for 100 companies, so 5 pages for 500 companies.
Period : From now to 31.3.2024
We know Fortune 500 companies may change yearwise, so we will share them within 15 days of the new names every year.
And if we do not get a link to CSR or Sustainability or ESG, then only we link it to the official website of the company.
Some companies have websites in the country language but we try to give link to the English coversion of the website because English is the most know language in the world.
For cost, communicate with Datacentre@CSRidentity.com
3M, Sustainability, United States
ABB, Sustainability, Switzerland
Abbott Laboratories, Responsibility, United States
AbbVie, ESG 2020, United States
Accenture, Sustainability, Ireland
Achmea, Sustainability, Netherlands
ACS, Sustainability, Spain
Aegon, Sustainability, Netherlands
Aeon, Sustainability, Japan
Agricultural Bank of China, China
AIA Group, CSR, Hong Kong
AIRBUS, Sustainability, Netherlands
Aisin, Sustainability, Japan
Albertsons, Sustainability, United States
Alfresa Holdings, Sustainability, Japan
Alibaba Group Holding, China
Alimentation Couche-Tard, Sustainable Development, Canada
Allianz, Sustainability, Germany
Allstate, Sustainability, United States
Alphabet, Sustainability, United States
Aluminum Corp of China, China
Amazon, Sustainability, United States
Amer International Group, Social Responsibility, China
América Móvil, Sustainability, Mexico
American Express, Corporate Responsibility, United States
American International Group, Sustainability, United States
AmerisourceBergen, Sustainability, United States
Amgen, Responsibility, United States
Anglo American, Sustainability, United Kingdom
Anheuser-Busch InBev, Sustainability, Belgium
Anhui Conch Group, China
Ansteel Group, China
Anthem, Corporate Responsibility, United States
Apple, ESG 2021, United States
ArcelorMittal, Sustainability, Luxembourg
Archer Daniels Midland(ADM), Sustainability, United States
Arrow Electronics, CSR, United States
Assicurazioni Generali, Sustainability, Italy
AstraZeneca, Sustainability, United Kingdom
AT&T, Social Responsibility, United States
Aviation Industry Corp. of China, CSR, China
Aviva, Sustainability, United Kingdom
AXA, Sustainability, France
BAE Systems, Sustainability, United Kingdom
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Sustainability, Spain
Banco Bradesco, Sustainability, Brazil
Banco do Brasil, Sustainability, Brazil
Banco Santander, Spain
Bank of America, Environmental Sustainability, United States
Bank of China, CSR, China
Bank of Communications, China
Bank of Montreal, Community, Canada
Bank of Nova Scotia, Responsibility & Impact, Canada
Barclays, Society, United Kingdom
BASF, Sustainability, Germany
Bayer, Sustainability, Germany
Beijing Automotive Group, Social Responsibility, China
Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group, China
Berkshire Hathaway, Sustainability, United States
Best Buy, Commitments, United States
Bharat Petroleum, Sustainability, India
BHP Group, Sustainability, Australia
BMW Group, Responsibility, Germany
BNP Paribas, Foundation, France
Boehringer Ingelheim, Sustainable Development, Germany
Boeing, Sustainability, United States
Bosch Group, Sustainability, Germany
Bouygues, Sustainable Development, France
BP, Sustainability, United Kingdom
Bridgestone, Sustainability, Japan
Bristol Myers Squibb, Sustainability, United States
British American Tobacco, Sustainability, United Kingdom
Brookfield Asset Management, Responsibility, Canada
BT Group, Sustainability, United Kingdom
Bunge, Sustainability, United States
Canon, Sustainability, Japan
Capital One Financial, Sustainability, United States
Cardinal Health, Corporate Citizenship, United States
Carrefour, CSR, France
Caterpillar, Sustainability, United States
Cathay Financial Holding, Corporate Sustainability, Taiwan
Cedar Holdings Group, Responsibility, China
Centene, Corporate Sustainability, United States
Centrica, Sustainability, United Kingdom
Charter Communications, Community Impact, United States
ChemChina, Social Responsibility, China
Chevron, Sustainability, United States
China Aerospace Science & Industry, Social Responsibility, China
China Aerospace Science & Industry, Social Responsibility, China
China Baowu Steel Group Social Responsibility, China
China Communications Construction, China
China Construction Bank, China
China COSCO Shipping, Social Responsibility, China
China Datang, Social Responsibility, China
China Electronics, China
China Electronics Technology Group, Social Responsibility, China
China Energy Investment, CSR, China
China Energy Engineering Group, Social Responsiblity, China
China Everbright Group, Social Responsibility, China
China Evergrande Group, Social Responsibility, China