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Following Fortune 500 companies are not be ranks but by Alphabetical order. For rankwise names visit Fortune

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Following Fortune 500 companies are not be ranks but by Alphabetical order. For rankwise names visit Fortune

Fortune 500 are largest 500 companies in the world by revenue. Fortune Magazine shares shares following rich information about the 500 corporates.
Country : Headquarters, Industry, CEO, Website, Company Type, Revenues ($M), Profits ($M), Market Value ($M), Employees, Key Financials (Last Fiscal Year) , Profit Ratios, Earnings Per Share (Last Fiscal Year), Total Return, Measure Up Diversity & Inclusion Metrics. So please visit Fortune to see more details.

We value the research done by them. They share the companies rankwise and not alphabetically.

We share them alphabetically for three reasons.
1) Reserach is done by them and we dont want to copy the research.
2) We think that a company which is ranked 365 is ranked 365 but that does not mean they are less in value (non financial as well as financial) terms for their employees & employee families or their supply chain or government of their country ... & of course consumers
3) It is easy to find out names if they are shared alphabetically. e.g. if one has to see Unilever but does not know Fortune 500 rank, it is easier to go see alphabetical names.

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CSRidentity.com is the only portal in the world which shares links to CSR and or Sustainability of each of the Fortune 500 global company.
We share
1) Company with link to that company.
2) Country of headquarters of the company with link to the country*
3) The industry of the company with link to the industry
4) The CSR link of the company
5) The sustainability link of the company.
6) The climate efforts of the company
The employee volunteering link.
The section of News which gives yo latest news
9) The annual report link which gives you CSR issues and CSR Budget.

* Country link
In each UN member country we share tourism, Nobel Laureates of the country.
Whereas tourism helps give local income & increases GDP of the country by your visit, Nobel Laureates
enhances brand of the country. And we share where on earth is each UN Member country and its neighbouring countries, so that you can visit more than 1 country and increase their GDP
The annual report gives you HR policies, Business Processes, Innovations, Governance, History of the company and key things that happened in the last year.

We give links which help you know the company better from your perspective.
We do not influence you by sharing the rank of the company because we respect the company who would have just slipped the 500th rank and reason is clear. The 501st company will also be working in various countries, giving employment to thousands of people, plus supply chain, paying tax to the country ... infact we respect every company which by revenue terms can be 100000the in the world.
We do not give ranks because we know other BIG organisations help you know it.
And for us, each of the 8 billion plus person is important whether she or he is a consumer of a particular product or below the poverty line person or doctor or celebrity or receptionist of a company. We think all 8 billion plus people and former & future generations are important stakeholders in this world.