We will soon start digital volunteering for corporates.
Like many new things that only CSRidentity.com does, this type of volunteering is for the benefit of the world.
Its for corporate board members, CEOs or experts leading advertising agencies & PR agencies or leading funding agencies helping world.

Yes, it is a stress remover because they are out of stress and it gives them joy of helping world.
Like CEO of a large multinational having soaps as products, do not go to sell soaps to millions, but leads the company,
they dont go to communities but help NGOs helping communities. And in no way we are saying NGOs are secondary.
NGOs are primary source which even government uses to reach out to communities, after all they are Non Government Organisations helping Governments.

Details will be announced mid November 2022 and we will start approaching corporates then, so that the real programme starts in January 2023


7 Hours is enough
Corporate CEOs, Board Members, Department heads invest much more than 7 hours per month in travelling.
Much more than 7 hours a year in taking medicines or in gymnasium. We have worked on Digital Volunteering where they just need to invest 7 hours in life on ditigal volunteering which can help NGOs across the world.
And this effort is climate positive because you sit at home or in office. No travelling. Just think. And write just 4 para's on issues like Fund Raising, Approaching selected donors, Capacity building of team, HR policies, Succession planning, Branding your NGO, communicating with media, donors, communities, volunteers.
We will approach only large companies or creative experts in Ad / PR agencies or Celebrities.

Many NGOs collapse when the founder retires or leaves the world.
Large corporates have succession planning which ensures that their work doest stop. Its time corporate board members or CEOs share their strategies (not information about their company because it is a private issue) which can help middle sized and large NGOs.

Corporates invest time & money to brand themself, their product or service. NGOs do not invest money. But corporates must tell them how to brand themself so that they will get more money to serve community and become sustainable.

Corporates have good HR policies, whereas NGOs have great employees but hardly any policies for their capacity building, or insurance or term insurance.

Corporates have own communication dept which deals with media, consumers, employees (with HR team) ..they must take it further to communicate with supply chain, government and others. The NGOs communication is typically done by their CEO. Its time corporates tell strategies of internal and external communication with NGOs.

Corporates can directly help the NGOs they support financially or through volunteering but that will be 1, 2, 3, or 10 or 25 NGOs. We want thousands of NGOs to benefit from the talent and knowledge which corporates have.

And we want it in such a way that corporates dont travel (our climate effort) and just share 100 words of thinking, strategies, ideas which help the NGO sector across the world. sitting at home or in office or in flight. Just an hour of telecons with say 3 NGOs, then an hour of thinking, then an hour of writing and then an hour of discussing the ideas with the same 3 NGOs and 3 hours of any changes they should make in 100 words.

We can do video interview but as of now there is no facility to translate the video talks into 100 other languages. So we use writing method so that whatever they write in english can be translated into 100 plus other languages.

The whole idea is world must benefit

Our contact
Datacentre at CSR identity dot com