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Tamenglong District NGOs

Abungchiang Horticulture Development Co-Operative Society Limtited
Action For Welfare N Awakening In Rural Environmen
Amity Foundation For Rural Development
Apou Kading High School
Arilu Weavers Co Operative Society Limited
Assumption Parish Awangkhul
Chaibwang Integrated Rural Development Society (Cirds)
Community Development Association
Development Agency For Rural People
Development Agency For Tribal People
Development Programme For Rural Community
Don Bosco Alumni
Elim Christian Children Home
Faithful Society
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Boat Building & Domestic Industries Association
Foundation For Tribal And Rural Initiative
Goodwill Group For Rural And Urban Development
Guangtou Tau Piggery Farming Co-Operative Society Limited
Haitung Goodwill Foundation
Hills Dweller And Backward Development Association
Hope Foundation Society
Indigenous Women And Children Foundation
Inpui Cultural Association Head Office Haochong
Inpui Development Association
Institute For Peoples Transformation
Integrated Hill Areas Upliftment Society
Integrated Mission Project Action For Community Transformation
Integrated Rural Development Services
Integrated Women Weavers Co Operative Society Limited
Jaojian Weavers Co Operative Society Limited
Liangmai Naga Baptist Association
Living Hope Society
Longmai Nature Club
Longmai Tribal Backward Organisation
Lujiangnei Panmei Foundation
Mangailak Development Mission Society
Namkaolong Pt Ii Taolingpung Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited
New Technique Bee Keeping Development Society
Organisation For Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources
Oriental Rural Development Organisation
Patience Foundation Society
People's Endeavour For Social Changes (Pesch)
Pioneer Development Organisation
Progressive Farmer Association Khoupum Block
Rainforest Club Tamenglong
Rongmei Art And Culture Foundation
Rongmei Development Organisation Head Office Tml Council W/Nd 6
Rural Area Development Association
Rural Development Agency
Rural Development Organisation
Rural Development Society
Rural Downtrodden People Upliftment Society
Rural Education And Welfare Organisation
Rural Educational And Development Society
Rural Institute For Community Health And Development
Rural Integrated Development Agency
Shungcham Development And Welfare Society
Social & Evironment Development Organisation
Social Up Liftment Network
Society For Development Action
Society For Rural Upliftment And Social Change
Society For The Promotion Of Youth & Masses
Society For Upliftment Of Backward People
Socio Econimic Integrated Development Organisation Seido
Spring Charitable Trust
Swang Dwang
Symbiosis Centre
Synergetic Movement For Accountable And Responsible Transformation
Tamei Cultural Liuchiu Society
Tamenglong Bamboo And Cane Development Centre
Tamenglong Tea Growers Integrated Co Operative Society Limited
Taosang Village Rural Forestry Development Association
The None Women Society
The Rani Gaidinliu Foundation
The United Action For Rural Development Manipur
The United Rural Tribal Development Agency
Tribal Cultural Development Organisation
Tribal Cultural Organisation
Tribal Cultures Research Centre
Trinity Institute For Rural Development
We Care Foundation
Women Development Organisation
Zat Kao Development Society
Zeliangrong Baptist Association
Zeliangrong Evangelistic Fellowship
Zeliangrong Region Research Institute And Development Council
Zeme Naga Baptist Association

We plan to share more than 100 000 NGOs in India based on the district where it has programmes. So an NGO which has programmes in 10 districts, will be shared 10 times because they help communities in those districts.