Our vision : Universal development. Our mission : Be sustainable, promote others We plan to share social & health issues in all countries

What the sponsor will get
Your banner can be on any of the 193 UN member countries, 2 SARs, 63 Islands, Depedencies and Non UN member countries that we share.
Infact for countries, we give 3 banners for any company, NGO, college, ad / PR agency, media, funding agency ... and the 3 banners can be different.
All the 3 banners should be linked to the official website of the company and not any agency

On the right side, we have country's location in the world plus interesting facts about the country.
Sponsor can change the banner every three months.
What will be coverage of any country ?
National flag, national anthem
Capital, Area, Religions, Currency, Emergency numbers, Languages
Government, Law ministry, Police HQs, Political parties

We share links for several reasons
1) They are updated anytime and one can see the latest
2) We respect privacy

From any time now to 31 March 2022

Top banner
Top banner is showing country related pictures plus our existance.
So no brand can take the top of any country because country belongs to the citizens of that country.
No political party or politician can take any banner.
Similarly no banners for agencies related to CSR or NGOs, raising funds for NGOs, activism, criminals, terrorists, porno content

Sponsor's fees used for
1) Promotion to key stakeholders in all major countries which covers corporates, NGOs, Media, Ashoka Fellows ....
2) Our sustainability cost which are also used for countries or issues or corporates or NGOs we cover that are not supported by any organisation

Sponsor's fees
The fees depend on the type of country.
e.g. Fees for India, USA, UK, China, Japan will be higher than other countries.
We do not want to quote any fees and if the fees that a brand quotes is higher than our expectation, then we will tell them either to give it to charity of their choice or to the development of our global example Thane through Developed Nation Network Trust, which has FCRA (so it can accept funds from any country)

We encourage you to send the fees by bank transfer.

State Bank of India
Gokhale Road
Naupada, Thane (West) branch.

C/B a/c no : 32704401177
IFSC code : SBIN0005354

Use of paper (cheque/DD plus letter plus envelope) indirectly results in cutting of trees, which is what we want every citizen to avoid.