Puducherry District In Puducherry
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Soldiers, Police, Below the poverty line people who live with humanity, Social workers, NGO Founders, Hospital staff, Health care workers, Chemists, Medicines Trees, Forests, Medicinal plants, Rivers , Extinct animals, Homes, Climate, People working in crematorium

Aanantha Kudil Charitable Trust
Achariya Educational Public Trust
Adecom Network
Adishakti Laboratory For Theatre Art Research
Akshaya Self Help Groups Confederation
Alliance Francaise De Pondicherry
Anbarasi Madhar Sangam
Annai Blansh Alphonsa Social Welfare Trust
Annamalai Charitable Trust
Annapradokshana Charitable Trust
Anukiragaa Annai Trust
Arikamedu Institute Of Puducherry
Arutperunchothi Ramalinga
Association For Promoting Sustainability In Campuses And Communities
Association For Social Health In India Puducherry Branch
Atelier Shanti
Avion Educational Trust
Babu Trust
Best Foundation
Bharathamatha Run By Mother Trust
Buds Of Heaven Social Service Society
Centre For Environment And Agricultural Development
Centre For Social Action And Womens Development
Certh India
Child And Rehabilitation Educational Society
Community Collective Society For Integrated Development
Community Seva Centre
Congregation Of Sisters Of St Joseph Of Cluny
Deepam For Education Empowerment And Development
Dipti Trust
Don Bosco Boys Home Society
Earam Education And Rural Development Socieety
Emmaus Asia Society
Foundation For Low Income Group And Social Health
Franciscan Sisters Of St. Aloysius Gonzaga
Germination Society For The Underprivileged
Global Organisation For Development
Goodwill Mission
Gurukul Path Educational And Charitable Trust
Human Rights Protection Mission
I E A Trust
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Social Service Society
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society Society No I
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society Society Noii
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society Society Noiii
India Volunteer Care
Indian Meat Science Association
Indiyavin Jothi Elaya Thalapathi Amarar Rajiv Gandhi Nugarvoor Nala Sangam
Infant Jesus Educational Society
Institute Of Foreign Mission Sisters In India St Antonys Convent
Integrated Rehabilitation And Development Centre
Isaimaiyam Trust
Jawar Nagar Womens Assiciation For Social Action
Jayarakkini Boys Home
Jipmer Pensioner's Association
Jivi Educational Foundation Puducherry
Karunalayam Rural Welfare Society
Kassar Trust
Kiruba Seva Trust
Latchiyam Charitable Trust
Le Breeze Foundation
Le Conseil D' Administration Del'archidiocese De Pondicherry
Lotus Foundation
Loyal Environmental Awareness And Protection Society
Manamedupet Kasthuribai Gandhi Magalir Narpani Mandram
Midam Charitable Trust
Mira Alagarsamy Seva Sangam
Mohanam Cultural Centre
Mughil Social Welfare Organization
Nanmai Trust
National Heritage Trust
New Mercy Life Foundation
Nirvana Trust
Om Sri Educational And Charitable Trust
Omshanti Malta Service Organisation
Ongara Ashram
Oulgaret Commune Mahalir Consumer Organisation
Our World Organisation
Ozoneya Charitable Trust
Partage Dans Le Monde
Peoples Social Development Foundation
Pondicherry Annai Velanganni Orphanage
Pondicherry Consumer Association's Federation
Pondicherry Higher Educational Benefit Society
Pondicherry Research Foundation For Disease Prevention And Cure Prfdpc
Pondicherry Sarvodaya Sangh
Pondicherry Science Forum
Pondichery Partages Charitable Public Trust
Ponnusamy Charitable Trust
Poor People Development Society
Prime Educational And Social Trust
Pudhuvai Amarar Rajiv Gandhi Nugarvor Amaippu
Puducherry Cancer Trust
Puducherry Cooperative Book Society
Puducherry Corporation For The Development Of Women And Differently Abled Persons Limited
Puducherry Helping Hands Foundation
Puduvai Nugarvor Ethiroli
Puduvai Vizhudhugal Society
Punithavathi Magalir Nallenna Narpani Mandram
Puthuvai Cluny Social Service Trust
Rainbow Foundation Trust
Ramatchandra Fisherman Education And Poverty Alleviation Trust
Ramyaa Charitable Trust
Rani Mangamal
Rera Charitable Trust
Resource Institute Of Social Education
Saday Charity
Sago Dharma Sabha
Sahodaran Community Oriented Health Development Society
Santhosha Nanban
Sarvajhothy Charitable Trust
Sarveswari Mathar Sangam
Sathyalayam Trust For The Rehabilitation Of The Physically Handicapped
Satya Special School
Sharana Social And Development Organisation
Shri Arvindo Institute Of Applied Scientific Research Trust
Shri Hindocha Charitable Trust
Shri Patcheappane Society For Education Research And Rehabilitation Of The Hearing Impaired
Sivasakthi Nallenna Mahalir Mandram
Soceity For Peoples Action For Development And Empowerment
Social Action
Social Action
Social Organisation For Network Information And Communication
Social Service Society
Society For Civic Virtue Cultivation
Society For Environmental Awareness Research Training And Health
Sri Aravinth Educational Trust
Sri Aurobindo Aradhana Trust
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust
Sri Aurobindo Centre For Advanced Research Trust
Sri Devi Madhar Sangam
Sri Jayam Charitable Trust
Sri Lakshminarayana Charitabletrust
Sri Lalithambigai Vedasivagama Trust
Sri Mahalakshmi Charitable&Educational Trust
Sri Manakula Vinayaga Educational Trust
Sri Manakulavinayagar Chartabletrust
Sri Murugan Charitable Trust
Sri Olimayam Charitable Trust
Sri Siva Sakthi Consumer Organisation
Sri Sivasakthy Charitable Trust
Sri Swarna Akharshana Trust
Sri Ulagavazhi Amman Charitable Trust
Srinathji Seva Trust
St Gabriel Educational And Charitable Public Trust
St Joseph Clinic Hospital Congregation Of The Sisters Of St Joseph Of Cluny
St Mary's Orphanage
St Xaviers Charitable Educational Social Development Society
Stem Makerspace Foundation
Susila Charitabletrust
Thalai K Kol
Thamizh Maamarai Thirukkural Arakattalai
Thayagam Girls Home
The Golden Chain Fraternity
The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Society
The Mother's Service Society
The Pondicherry Donbosco Society
The Pondicherry People's Education For Development Society
Thiaga Jothi Community Development Centre
Trinity Full Gospel Ministries
Trust For Youth And Child Leadership
Unique Skill Development Society
Vellai Thamarai Educational Social And Cultural Organisation
Vivekananda Boys Home
Vudhavi Karangal Boys Home
Wherever The Need India Services
Women's Organisation For Rural Development
Womens Organisation For Social Education And Developemnt
World Hands Of Youth
Yuva Bharath Hindi Prachar Kendra
Zwilling Foundation India

If your NGO is having programmes related to social issue in this district, just email the name of the NGO with link to it and we will share it free.
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