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Kangpokpi District NGOs

Apple Buds Academy
Association For Social Advancement Programmes
Bethlehem Society Kangpokpi
Chartered Institute Of Advanced Studies
Chil Chil Asian Mission Society
Committee On Rural Development
Compassion Manipur
Dharmodaya Veda Vigyangurukul Santolabari
Goodfaith Foundation
Helping Hand Foundation
Integrated Arts & Culture Society
Integrated Social & Institutional Development For Empowerment
Integrated Tribal Wefare Association
Kabirisam Craft And Design Trust
Kanggui Christian College
Kangpokpi Beekeepers Trust Foundation
Kangpokpi Christian Hospital Society
Kholep Youth Club
Kuki Football Academy
Mount Olivet High School
Ngaimel Foundation
Old Age Home Ministry
Renew Ministry
Renew Ministry
Revelation International School
Right Path Foundation
Right Path School
Rural Construction And Technology Center
Rural Development Association
Saebyuk Indian Orphan Ministry
Sanatan Sanskrit Vidyalaya
Shalom Prayer And Healing Centre
Social Development Organisation
The Elite Higher Secondary School
The Integrated Indigenous Tribal Children Ministries Of India
The Integrated Rural Management Association
The Jagruk Kishan Sangh Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.
The Peniel Rescue Centre
The Shanglai Socio Economic And Cultural Society
The Social Action For Human Economic Integration
Welfare For Community Development And Rehabiliation
Wintergreen Indigenous School For Destitute And Orphan Ministry (Wisdom)
Women And Child Welfare Association
Zougam Institute For Community Resources & Development

We plan to share more than 100 000 NGOs in India based on the district where it has programmes. So an NGO which has programmes in 10 districts, will be shared 10 times because they help communities in those districts.