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Myopic thinking

This myopic thinking of companies is changing. Thanks to technology which makes info available all the time.

Companies dont think that you make products & offer services which are good in terms of Quality, Cost and
Availability & you pay tax. So serving
communities is government role.

Consumers, clients buy your products, use your services. So it is your responsibility to take care of them.

Does a mother or father say that we pay tax, so taking care of my child's education, health, adulthood is government's responsibility.

Parents take the child to the best school, admit in best college, use good doctor and hospital if the child has a health problem. And they pay and not government.

And from the tax people pay, government has schools, hospitals, infrastructure like roads on which you drive expensive cars. But government also has its buses, trains, ambulances, hearses...

So its a combinations of individuals & government.

CSRidentity.com believes that each company is an integral part of industry. We will share what are the responsibilities of the industries and how are industries tackling the global issue of climate