Helplines in India

100 : Police
101 : Fire
102 : Ambulance
112 : Helpline For Any Emergency
197 : Telephone enquiry
131 : Railway
65427788 : Weather
1800-200-2676 : Cancer helpline
1-800-799-7233 : National Domestic Violence Hotline
1800-180-1253 : Toll-free Senior Citizen Helpline
1098 : Street Children in distress
1800-11-4000 : National Consumer Helpline

These helplines may be of government or non government organisations.
We plan to share about 2000 helplines (phone numbers) in various countries so that people can contact related helpline in their country. Just mail the name, focus (e.g. cancer) and phone number of the helpline to Datacentre. Do not send additional information like profile of the organisation, word files, just send the information requried by us and maybe links to the websites.

Global example : Thane
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