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Adfactors PR
What differentiates one organization from another with the same capabilities, talent and resources? The differentiator is not what they do, but why they do it: the higher aim that becomes their reason for existence. Everything they do and say follows from here.

At Adfactors PR, India’s largest PR firm, we believe our role is not creating and executing PR strategies: we are committed to a much larger purpose, a belief that is the basis of all our solutions: to reduce friction between an organization and its stakeholders.

How do we do this?
First, through the knowledge that in the 21st century, it is not just communication, but also behaviour that forms perceptions about an organization. Our differentiating approach to PR, is therefore focussed on aligning an organization’s higher aim with what it does, and with what it says.
Second, through a thorough knowledge about India, its diversity and its complexity: political, religious, social and cultural. Understanding the ways of our country and nation allows us to execute alignment even in the constantly changing scenarios our clients operate in.
Third, through specialized knowledge of the domains and industries we work in. Our senior colleagues are all experts in their respective fields and bring years of experience and insight to their solutions.
This is where our identity draws its inspiration from.
A graphic representation of the Devanagari alphabet ‘jña’. It is the first letter of the word Jñana which means ‘knowledge’.
It also doubles up as an ‘at the rate of’ symbol, indicating an appreciation of the digital age.

Founders : Madan Bahl and Rajesh Chaturvedi

CSRidentity.com note on Adfactors PR
CSRidentity.com is grateful to Adfactors PR because of their support on 28.08.2013.
It is an example that they are a PR agency where founders (and the agency) are of caring nature which PR agencies anywhere in the world should admire and learn.

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