Electrical Equipements industry & CSR

World has many companies in this industry but some make a mark on the world map.

The reasons can be many like
1) Histroy of the company
2) Future outlook
3) Business processes that need replication by others not only in this industry but overall all industries
4) Important steps they are taking towards climate change which is a real Global issue
5) Sheer size of the company in terms of its financial turnover
6) Global outreach in terms of own direct presence or presence through agents or franchisees or global online presence like that of Google.

Our plan
2000 companies from various industries.
Period : 15.3.2020 to 31.12.2020
Instead of sharing countrywise corporates, we share industrywise corporates

If a company works in many countries, then what ?
Many companies now are Multi National Companies (MNCs) who have direct and indirect presence in more than one country. So we are sharing the headquarters.
India is our global example. So we might share the companiy's India address.


Name of the corporate with link to its official website
The official website may be in a language different than English like Chinese or Japanese. We will give link to the official website (ideally English version so that many countries can browse through)

Headquarter location

Corporate taken because

CSRidentity.com recommends any company ?

We are not an advertising agency or PR agency of a particular brand of product or company or NGO or government or funding agency or ...
We are info sharers plus we of course value Brands. So we will promote brands.
But in no way we can take any money from any company listed in any industry for sharing their name and website in the industrywise corporates. Because it defeats the purpose.

Of course companies can use our portal for branding or financing any countrywise forum or country but just because a company is not taking any sort of sponsorship, will no way affect our editorial view of sharing free companies industrywise.

How can NGOs or corporates be seen in this folder ?
On top of every page of this folder there is provision to share the name with link to the official website of the corporate or NGO. We are saying NGO because there are some NGOs which need corporate services or products from a particular industry like an NGO working with terminally ill patients may like to be known in the aerospace industry across the world.

For details, contact Datacentre.