Dental health industry & CSR


CSRidentity.com will share companies from this industry.

We will have one separate page for each company from 11th July 2020 which is world population day.
On company page, we will share link to official site of the company.
We share one page for each company because each company is a brand.
And we respect each brand.

Companies from this industry
Companies from this industry can see their competitive companies and the social, health, climate issues they handle plus their business processes, supply chain policies, environmental policies .....

Company professionals from this industry
Company officials may like to change their jobs either within or to other industry and they can see companies from any industry. They will see the HR policies of companies they approach ......

NGOs can see the companies industrywise
If the NGO needs an ambulance or a motor which can be coverted into an ambulance then they can see automobile companies or if they need any medicines, they can see related pharma companies (That is precisely why we have created productwise compnaies).
From the website, they can see contact details.
NGOs want companies in their country for which we have two options
1) When we have a page of the company, we give the name of the company and the country because each country the company may support different issues and many MNCs work in several countries.
So when we are mentioning a company, we will mention the country where it works with in 2021 but any visitor can go to the official website of the company which we provide and can see whether the company works there.
2) NGOs can visit corporates in their country because only for corporates we have a folder for each country.

Media, Journalists, Researchers, Consultants
They can visit the company to know more details
e.g. Media can do report on industrywise issues companies support
Researchers can do a research on any specific industry and its impact on climate or health or if one wants to do a research on philanthropy trend
Consultants can visit companies and see if they can do consultancy to that company in HR or Brand or PR or Management .......