3650 pages sharing meaning of 36500 definititions or short forms
Each page will share meaning of only about 10 definititions or short forms

Definitions related to Social, Health, Climate issues including nation building or economy related issues)
What billionaires do in Philanthropy ?
If we ask this, then more people will see it.
If we show the picture of a film heroine, hero more people will see it.
If we show the picture of a good looking girl or sports hero, more people will see it.
If we show Bill Gates more people will see it than Bernard Arnault. The later has become the second richest person on earth and
Bill Gates has moved from number 2 to 3.
Hardly people know LVMH which Branard founded but Microsoft is known to millions.

Having worked in Advertising & PR, founder knows consumer psychology more.
Personal experiences has given him lessons in human psychology.

So if we show a Below the poverty line person, hardly one will see it.
If we show the face of a lady on whose face acid was thrown, hardly anyone will look it.

That's reality.
That's attitude of people in their life.
Yes, we know the circumstances they face everyday makes this type of attitude.
And looking towards Giving Back to Society, or Super Rich Billionaires is also same.
They are not sure why to give (I have earned it), where to give
They will say if I invest it, I know the results. But if I give it, will I know the
impact of my giving ?

We are not worried that not even 365 people or families have take Giving Pledge started by Bill & Melinda Gates & Warren Buffet. The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back.
Infact, it is an opportunity for us to share Common great celebrities who fight against death. We are not worried how many hits we get, but we at least do our responsibility of inspiring millions of people (if common greats fight death, you are thousands of time better, so why you waste your time in taking tension, just do what good you can do)

To sum it
We start sharing the meaning of Social, Health, Climate issues as well as common questions millions of you have about simple thing like Blood Pressure.
Even founder did not know the number above which if body suger goes, you may be entering diabetic condition ... till 2018 when he started research on many health issues.

Manytimes, people dont know exactly what is BPL or how to arrive at GDP or GNP or what is the difference between HIV and AIDS, what is exactly BP (Blood pressure) or when one can say that one has fever ...

Founder many times uses Google, Wikipedia and other search engines to know the exact meaning.

When he keyed in Fever on Google at 22.05 hours India time, he got 34,20,00,000 results in 0.57 seconds. Now how can he go to millions of results. He went to Wikipedia and the search directly took him to fever page. Though the page was right, it gave additional information like : This article is about the medical condition. For other uses, see Fever (disambiguation).

Founder is clear that what people want is basics and more information can be through Wikipedia, Google and other search engines.
So he will start a simple dictionary of defining what is what and like Google link it to source so that one can know more details.

Of course there is human time involved in this basic research and lot of promotional costs. So you can share your banner here. Again using his advertising & PR experience, he knows that we cant share too many definitions on one page. So on a page, about 10 definitions, which means 3650 pages for 36500 definitions that we plan to share from now to 31.3.2021
Remember, it is just definition or meaning of names or some mathematical numbers like high BP is ..... or BPL means ....
Period : From now to 31.3.2021

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