Interesting facts
Venezuela runs under a federal presidential constitutional republic. Since their current constitution came into power in 1999, they have had the same President.

Their total nominal GDP is $345.6 billion, and their total per capita is $11,527.

The petroleum sector is the dominating force in Venezuela’s economy. It accounts for approximately 80% of their exports. In Venezuela, the citizens enjoy the cheapest petrol in the world due to major government subsidizing of the oil industry.

Other exports of Venezuela include steel, cement, aluminum and agriculture products.

Their major imports include electronics, chemicals and food products.

Venezuela only has two weather seasons, the hot and dry season and the hot and wet season.

One of the largest national parks in the world is Canaima National Park which is located in Venezuela.

Schoolchildren in Venezuela can choose between attending classes in the morning or the afternoon throughout their entire school career. Older children can even choose to take night classes if they wish.

Women from Venezuela have won Miss Universe six times and Miss World five times.

“The Simpsons” television show is considered inappropriate in Venezuela and is banned from public television.


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