Costa Rica




Alberto Alfaro
Alvaro Francisco Ugalde Víquez
Bernardo Rojas Montoya
CEDES Don Bosco
Colegio del Mundo Unido - UWC
Daniel Alberto Vartanián Alarcón
José Dualok Rojas Ortiz
José Miguel Aguilar Berrocal
Laura Lang Patiño
Lauren Diaz Arias
Lidiethe Madden Arias
Manfred Kopper
María Marta Camacho Alvarez
Marieta Quesada
Omar Rodríguez Solano
Rebeca Villalobos Vargas

Any corporate, funding agency, donor can take the right side on every page of the Ashoka forum for a donation to Developed Nation Network Trust, our NGO which has FCRA and 80 G.
The donation will be used for development activities of Global examples, Thane and expenses towards promotion of a professional training module on management aspects of NGOs across the world..
The module is free for all the NGOs but we need to promote it across the world, hence fees.
Email Datacentre@CSRidentity.com or whatsapp 9820073599 or 9769473599