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In we say this world because we are not sure if there is any other world. Science & scientists may prove that there exists another world where there is oxygen so that humans can stay there or there is another world where humans cant stay but robots / machines can stay now and maybe humans can exist there in another form or they can stay there with oxygen cylinders or .....

We may or may not see another world till we exist and there are enough challenges which have solutions through programmes. So we will promote them.


Climate Deal Analysis: The Good, the Bad, the Still Unknown
PARIS — First, the good news: On Saturday afternoon, world leaders ratified a universal pact to slow global warming, ending a decades-long political stalemate and, according to the best possible science, lowering the risk of ecological collapse.

The decisive moment arrived inside a high-security airplane hangar on the outskirts of Paris, where delegates from nearly 200 nations fought over the deal line-by-line for two weeks. Finally, the French foreign minister called an all-hands meeting, and asked if there were any objections to the final 31-page agreement.
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Globally, the 20th century was marked by: (a) two devastating world wars; (b) the Great Depression of the 1930s; (c) the end of vast colonial empires; (d) rapid advances in science and technology, from the first airplane flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (US) to the landing on the moon; (e) the Cold War between the Western alliance and the Warsaw Pact nations; (f) a sharp rise in living standards in North America, Europe, and Japan; (g) increased concerns about environmental degradation including deforestation, energy and water shortages, declining biological diversity, and air pollution; (h) the onset of the AIDS epidemic; and (i) the ultimate emergence of the US as the only world superpower. The planet's population continues to explode: from 1 billion in 1820 to 2 billion in 1930, 3 billion in 1960, 4 billion in 1974, 5 billion in 1987, 6 billion in 1999, and 7 billion in 2012. For the 21st century, the continued exponential growth in science and technology raises both hopes (e.g., advances in medicine and agriculture) and fears (e.g., development of even more lethal weapons of war).

Black & White facts (Unfortunately, world suffers from natural disasters but his human behaviour if catches fire, then it will make life difficult for all living beings.

Science increases age. While many do not care for their parents, some even do not see their father, grand father, father in law who has left life but is about to leave this earth. If this behaviour spreads, world will be a dangerous place.