Interesting facts about the Wallis and Futuna
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Wallis and Futuna is a collection of French islands in the South Pacific Ocean, within Oceania.wallis-and-futuna-flag

Its nearest neighbouring countries are Tuvalu to the north west, Kiribati to the north, Tokelau to the north east, Samoa to the east, Tonga to the south east and Fiji to the west and south west.

It has a total area of 102 square miles (264 square kilometres).

Before you pack your boat and head off, be sure to mark Wallis and Futuna’s coordinates on your map; 13.3000° S, 176.2000°

Wallis and Futuna’s population was 15,561 in 2014.

The capital is Mata-Utu which has an area of 23 square miles (60 square kilometres) and a population of 1,191 (2003).

Wallis and Futuna has a tropical climate with two seasons; it’s hot and rainy from November to April and cool and dry from May to October but maintains an average temperature of 26.6° Oh yes, lovely!

This slice of paradise has a stretch of 80 miles (129 kilometres) of coastline and sandy beaches separating the sea from the forests and low hills – ideal for swimming, hiking, sunbathing and exploring!

The average life expectancy here is 79 years.

The currency of Wallis and Futuna is the CFP Franc – make sure you stock up to pay for those cocktails!

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