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Welcome to USA

First must be National Anthem

A country has identity in many forms like great river, inspiring religious locations or tourist spots, great technological advances, celebrity sports people or sports clubs or sports grounds ...

But focuses on Social Health Climate ((SHC) issues so we want you to form the identity based on SHC programmes in this country. We have great focus on NGOs in this each country. So we share only issuewise NGOs in related country forum and
For important fora like corporates, media and funding proposals we have individual fora for each country.
For other critically important stakeholders like government, political parties, foreign embassies, funding agencies, philanthropists, celebrities, hospitals ... are shared in one forum each where within the forum, we share all countries.
When it is NGOs, please
Know the concept of Dream Stock Exchange
Check the credibility of the NGO where you volunteer, donate


Any individual related to Brand Thane or from Founder's Alumni colleges can help NGOs across the world by doing management competency volunteering or give information related to their country of citizenship.
Management expertise on issues like
succession planning, role of CEO, board, governance policies, branding, how to raise funds ...
It will be volunteering by sharing their expert views from their home, office and no payment is either accepted or given related to this.
Google language tranformer
translates the views s in 102 languages other than English.

Plus a local citizen from Thane or founder's batchmates can alsoshare key chllanges) Contact Datacentre