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Alton Adams first black bandmaster in US Navy
Samuel Baptiste politician
Sosthenes Behn co-founder Puerto Rico Telephone Company, ITT Corporation
Raja Bell basketball player
Bennie Benjamin songwriter
Judah P. Benjamin Confederate States politician
Edward Wilmot Blyden educator, author, diplomat
Lisa Canning television host
Morris Fidanque de Castro former governor
Barbara Christian educator, author
Joe Christopher baseball player
Frank Rudolph Crosswaith politician, activist, trade union organizer
Midre Cummings baseball player
Vanessa Daou singer, songwriter
Adlah Donastorg, Jr. politician
Kerry Drue former attorney general
Tim Duncan basketball player
Melvin H. Evans former governor
Alexander A. Farrelly former governor
Gregory Francis politician
Rothschild Francis councilman, labor leader
Victor O. Frazer politician
Kelsey Grammer actor
Emile Griffith boxer
Hubert Henry Harrison author, political activist
Tiger Haynes actor, musical performer
Elrod Hendricks baseball player, coach
Casper Holstein mobster, political activist
Roy Innis civil rights leader, activist
D. Hamilton Jackson civil rights activist, labor leader
Julian Jackson boxer
G. Luz A. James lawyer, businessman, broadcaster
Gerard Luz James II politician
J. Raymond Jones politician
John de Jongh governor
Cyril King former governor
Jon Lucien musician (born in Tortola)
John David Merwin former governor
Mr. Money record producer
Niyorah musician
James O'Bryan, Jr. politician
Ralph Moses Paiewonsky politician, former governor
Arona Peterson author
Calvin Pickering baseball player
Camille Pissarro artist
Arthur A. Richards educator
Rock City music group
Pamela Richards Samuel politician
Roy L. Schneider physician, former governor
Peter Carl Frederik von Scholten former governor-general of the Danish West Indies (born in Denmark)
Malik Sekou political scientist, author
Kevin Sheppard basketball player
Glen J. Smith educator, politician
Karrine Steffans author
Terence Todman former U.S. ambassador
Ashley L. Totten union leader, humanitarian
Charles Wesley Turnbull former governor
John Adams 2nd american president
Susan B. Anthony activist/woman suffrage alliance
Louis Armstrong musician
Lucille Ball actress, comedian
Clara Barton founder american red cross
Beach Boys musical group
Andrew Carnegie financier/philanthropist
Bob Dylan singer/songwriter
Thomas Edison inventor extraordinaire
Henry Ford industrialist/philanthropist
Benjamin Franklin diplomat/inventor/scientist
Robert Frost poet
Bill Gates founder microsoft/philanthropist
Ernest Hemingway author
Bobby Jones golfer
Martin Luther King civil rights leader
Stephen King author
Abraham Lincoln 16th american president
Joe Louis boxer
Douglas MacArthur general/statesman
Rosa Parks civil-rights freedom fighter
Edgar Allen Poe author/poet
Jackie Robinson baseball player
Eleanor Roosevelt first lady/humanitarian
Theodore Roosevelt 26th american president
Pete Sampras tennis player
George Washington general, 1st american president
John Wayne actor

Kobe Bryant, Basketball
Michael Jordan, Basketball
Michael Jackson, Dance
Scarlett Johansson, actress

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