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Tiny Star Shoots Out Flares 10,000 Times Brighter Than the Sun's
A small, cool star is emitting flares 10,000 times brighter than those ejected by the sun, a find that could be bad news for those hoping to find the galaxy filled with life.

The star's massive bursts of radiation, revealed in new research, could inhibit the evolution of life on planets orbiting the star, or at least severely disrupt it. If other stars of this type also have such intense flares, it could mean life in the universe is less likely to develop.
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By living in a country, we can be citizens of that country and in addition we may be citizens of the country of our birth. We must remember that we may be given birth physically by our parents, but in reality we are born as citizens of this universe. It is critical therefore that we think of natural development. It is one step closer to universal development. We must remember that even if we take a smaller positive step everytime, our smaller actions have great repursussions on universal development.

Technically, the Universe is all of spacetime and everything that exists therein, including all planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy. The observable universe is about 46 billion light years in radius. (For detailed info which may be different shared above, please see Wikipedia)

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe, which is calculated to have begun 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago. Observations of supernovae have shown that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

The Sun
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars - 4 terrestrial planets, Jupiter and Saturn (2 gas giant planets), Uranus and Neptune (2 ice giants)
Dwarf Planets
Small Bodies like comets
Other Solar Systems

Universe (Info taken from Wikipedia)
Diameter 8.8×1026 m or 880 Ym (28.5 Gpc or 93 Gly)
Volume 4×1080 m3
Mass (ordinary matter) 1.5×1053 kg
Density (of total energy) 9.9×10−27 kg/m3 (equivalent to 6 protons per cubic meter of space)
Age 13.799±0.021 billion years
Average temperature 2.72548 K

Ordinary (baryonic) matter (4.9%)
Dark matter (26.8%)
Dark energy (68.3%)

In we say this world because we are not sure if there is any other world. Science & scientists may prove that there exists another world where there is oxygen so that humans can stay there or there is another world where humans cant stay but robots / machines can stay now and maybe humans can exist there in another form or they can stay there with oxygen cylinders or .....

We may or may not see another world till we exist and there are enough challenges which have solutions through programmes. So we will promote them.

Social issue.Life issue
Death threat (Rakta Paat) on 11th July 2013. Was it real or is it worst thought ?

When son, grand son, daughter in law purposely dont see you before you leave earth and worst is when they influence others not to see you when you are about to leave earth, then their identity damages human identity. (Others you influenced may be were good 99.99999999999999999% time and someone may say that they just made one mistake. It is known to everybody that even good balloon bursts with just one prick. So goodness balloon will burst if people know this real life fact). Your identity lives as a case study.

No names shared because we respect privacy, but if they KILL the other son directly or through accident which is hard to know who was behind the accident, then not just their names, but name of a person who said about Blood Bath on 11th July 2013, name of person who talked not good about police on mobile, name of a person who was not in society meeting but signed at home an important decision in 2008 plus many other things will be open to people across the world..

And the real information will be shared to company where you work as employee or to supply chain who gives you business or the embassies because you help people know their language.

Born humans may kill someone, thinking they have won.
They will know that they are big loosers.
They, their future generations, neighbours, relatives will suffer till they exit earth.
And beyond that.
They kill 1 but that may result in many people killed, not physically but mentally..
No politician or court can question a dead person. They cant decide WILL.
Hence when you are alive, you do things accepted by law of your country.

This is not just an individual's real life story.
If anything purposely done wrong, then it can be a world story.
Media, Social media are still alive in the world.

So do it. Bhau had done 2 registered WILLs and founder has done one registered WILL with due medical certificate.

In India, WILL written has importance
but can be easily challenged.
Of course, registered WILLs are also challenged.
Why do probate, but lawyers say do probate.
This will go on increasing. You will end but questions will not end.

Nobel's WILL

Nobel's WILL had objections nationally & internationally and his family opposed for the establishment of Nobel Prize. But finally it was accepted.
So dont worry about objection to WILL.


Bill Gates, Warren Buffet ... and billionaires
Help others in the world, when you are alive or do it through a WILL like what Giving Pledgers do. Giving Pledge was formed by Bill & Melinda Gates alongwith Warren Buffet.

Best option is give when are alive and do legal gift deed, so objections by stupid become only time killers. Legal case may go on and on, but truth cant be killed.

Bhau, founder's father did 2 registered WILLs
and a Gift Deed of his self aquired property.

Founder has also done a registered WILL and want to Gift the World tremendous knowledge that not he but many great have. He is just an integrator.

World is facing climate change and
this human ego will add deadly ego chemical mix in climate.

Good or bad, saint or murderer, everyone leaves this world, you dont have to do it.
But if you kill somebody, law must act not neglect.
And that too in limited ti
me duration.
Even politicians are people, so they must act.

We understand you cant move out when there is government lockout or when you are out of country and there is time constraint or your are aged or very sick ... or you are in the country but far off and traffic halts you

Fear is no acceptable excuse.

This is dangerous human attitude virus. World must stop this attitude before it spreads.
Else tomorrow this becomes a practice.

Will you like if your child was closeby but purposely (Repeat purposely) did not see when you are bed ridden ? NO.
You will say they are careless. They dont have manners.

Will the same people like when they have heart attack and their child says I am watching a movie, then I have a dinner meeting, I will come late and will be tired, so I will take you to hospital tomorrow late in the morning.
You cant say it but feel like was it your mistake to give birth to a mannerless child with inhuman behaviour.

Founder thinks that if such a person has heart attack, founder will leave his lunch or dinner and first take that person to hospital because that is what every human is supposed to do. And yes, even if that person is not related to you, you must help.
And again, even if that person has already filed legal cases against you (however meaningless but still it is a legal case)
, still it is responsibility to take the person to hospital.

Remember, when you expire, you just go.
Medically, you can neither talk nor have emotions.
What you leave behind is the work you do to people around you.
Doing work for self or family is important but it will always be great if you do it for others.

Yes, Death is only constant for all.
And no one knows who came to see your body.
But if those who are alive and purposely dont see you and they have mind (Repeat, if they have mind), then mind must overtake heart in such stage.
Mind is no physical organ like brain, heart, legs, hands, stomach, eyes ....

Yes, bad feelings may exist.. must not at least 1 minute in your life.

If you live for 60 years, then you live 60 years x 24 hours x 365 days x 60 minutes = 31536000 minutes
1 minute of this is hardly any time when your mind overtakes heart.

In Rohan's case, we do not know what that mind does. You feel that he cant see, but he can see. Interestingly, he climbs two floors without hand holding, so he has mind but there is what they call sensory integration ... our mind stops thinking to understand what Rohan thinks ... but we know that is reality. Accept it and like we treat him as a teacher of integration, you must be learners till you exist on this earth.

Learn from greats like Rohan, Good people
and yes, BAD people are great teaching material.

Some bad are not only present or former teachers by profession but are great teachers of what not to do.

With increasing science, age is increasing.
Organisations which care for people like Help Age must come forward .All must ensure dignity of senior citizens (Senior by age and experience)

Such humans purposely do PR with neighbours or
BUY people under the name of donation or
KILL someone directly or indirectly like accident..
They go on increasing unpardonable mistakes in their life.

Though they have lost humanity, physically they are humans,
so they can get cancer or HIV or Ebola or can have Corona Virus.

These types of mistakes can never be taken care of because once the person expires, she / he doesnt come back so that you can tell her / him sorry, forgive me.

We only know that once a person leaves earth, physically she / he is no more.
And founder has not studied human science or spiritual science and therefore does not know if a person expires, she or he will come back again in some other form.

But founder knows that thoughts never die.
And if you do things which are legally approved in your life time, it will not die unless some people make law die (and this will not at all happen)

The thoughts that you have passed on , do not die
even if someone tries to KILL some one.

World will watch if Indian Legal system follows this
because India's Identity should not fall in the hands of such people.

Indian legal system is so good that many countries should follow it.
World should not think that Indians have no legal right of their own self earned things.
If somebody gives you money as donation (written or not written) then it is a gift.

If some one gives their father some money in construction, then it is their duty to help father because father never asks a child to retun the money he paid for education of the child or the uniform or dress cost or food cost. It is not a gift. It is responsibility.

Yes, if some people or your own relatives give you money and they insist that you give them in writing on legal paper duly signed by you, then not just legally but ethically first, you have to return the money, but just money repeat just money.
And not your body or any property.

Selfish & egoistic attitude is human virus.
It is good for humanity to remove this attitude at early stage.
And it doesnt need science.
It needs some one to convince you.
It is tough to convince.
But that is life.
It is simple and tough at the same time.

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