Science increases age. While many do not care for their parents, some even do not see their father, grand father, father in law who has left life but is about to leave this earth.
If this human attitude & this human behaviour spreads, world will be a dangerous place. Much more dangerous than Covid19.

Tiny Star Shoots Out Flares 10,000 Times Brighter Than the Sun's

A small, cool star is emitting flares 10,000 times brighter than those ejected by the sun, a find that could be bad news for those hoping to find the galaxy filled with life.

The star's massive bursts of radiation, revealed in new research, could inhibit the evolution of life on planets orbiting the star, or at least severely disrupt it. If other stars of this type also have such intense flares, it could mean life in the universe is less likely to develop.
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By living in a country, we can be citizens of that country and in addition we may be citizens of the country of our birth. We must remember that we may be given birth physically by our parents, but in reality we are born as citizens of this universe. It is critical therefore that we think of natural development. It is one step closer to universal development. We must remember that even if we take a smaller positive step everytime, our smaller actions have great repursussions on universal development.

Technically, the Universe is all of spacetime and everything that exists therein, including all planets, stars, galaxies, the contents of intergalactic space, the smallest subatomic particles, and all matter and energy. The observable universe is about 46 billion light years in radius. (For detailed info which may be different shared above, please see Wikipedia)

The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe, which is calculated to have begun 13.798 ± 0.037 billion years ago. Observations of supernovae have shown that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

The Sun
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars - 4 terrestrial planets, Jupiter and Saturn (2 gas giant planets), Uranus and Neptune (2 ice giants)
Dwarf Planets
Small Bodies like comets
Other Solar Systems

Universe (Info taken from Wikipedia)
Diameter 8.8×1026 m or 880 Ym (28.5 Gpc or 93 Gly)
Volume 4×1080 m3
Mass (ordinary matter) 1.5×1053 kg
Density (of total energy) 9.9×10−27 kg/m3 (equivalent to 6 protons per cubic meter of space)
Age 13.799±0.021 billion years
Average temperature 2.72548 K

Ordinary (baryonic) matter (4.9%)
Dark matter (26.8%)
Dark energy (68.3%)

In we say this world because we are not sure if there is any other world. Science & scientists may prove that there exists another world where there is oxygen so that humans can stay there or there is another world where humans cant stay but robots / machines can stay now and maybe humans can exist there in another form or they can stay there with oxygen cylinders or .....

We may or may not see another world till we exist and there are enough challenges which have solutions through programmes. So we will promote them.