Unique corporates in the world

How we arrive at Unique corporates ?
We know that every individual & organisation has unique identity. But still only few are Presidents or Prime Ministers of countries. Only few are CEOs or Chairperson of billion dollar companies. In a film which has over 100 or 1000 people participating in the film, there is only one or two or three heroines and heroes.

So we select those corporates who introduce products which are different that rest of the products in the same category. Or those corporates whose business processes are different than thousands of corporates anywhere in the world and those business processes or human rights initiatives are replicable by corporates around the world.

And these corporates should not sponsor their page. Someone else can take the sponsorship.

And that someone is not going to be a corporate which manufactures products because competitive corporates may sponsor or large corporates may sponsor all unique corporates and get attention. We are a social enterprise and we will accept sponsorship by an ad agency or a PR agency or an NGO or a business consultant. Again, it will not be a business or industry association registered as not for profits or an agency which mainly collects funds for other NGOs and accepts certain commission. Yes, it can be a celebrity but again not business celebrity.

We are not sure how many number of unique corporates we will share. We will start with 2 in 2022.

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No calls will be taken because it may disturb clients or communities we are meeeting with.