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Jupiter Hospital is a 325-bed hospital with various specialities spread across seven storeys. It houses one of South Asia's finest Cancer Care Clinic, best in class Cardiac Care, the region's largest Paediatric Facility, Liver and Kidney Transplantation Facility, Bone and Joint Care, Neuro ICU, Fertility and IVF Facility, a robust laboratory and complete diagnostic facilities to name a few.

Jupiter Hospital, Thane
Sapphire Hospital, Kalwa
Bethany Hospital
Bhaktivedanta Hospital
Hiranandani Hospital
Horizon Hospital
Kalwa Municipal Hospital
Kaushalya Medical Foundation Trust Hospital
Mhaskar Hospital, Kalyan
Param Hospital & ICU
Thane Health Care Hospital


Aayush Multispeciality Hospital & Advanced Laparos
1st Floor , Marigold Apt
Opp. Nitin Co. & Honda Showroom
Panchpakhadi , Thane (W)
Tel : 25472515
Web : www.aayush-hospital.com

Aasha Cancer Hospital
3 Petrol Pump, Thane (W)
Tel : 25435609

Aditi Hospital
P.K Road, Mulund (W)
Tel : 25618630 / 61116777

Alphales Eyes Hospital
Thakkar House, Castal Mill, Thane (W)
Tel : 25474995

Ankur Hospital
Kopri, Thane (E)
Tel : 25326549

Apeksha Maternity Home
Opp. J.K. Gram, Thane (W)
Tel : 25343236

Apollo Clinic
Z Shopping Centre
Flower Valley, Eastern Express Highway
Thane (W)
Tel : 25475055

Bapats Pet Animal Hospital
St. Merry Apt, K - Villa,Thane (W)
Tel : 25402872

Chaitanya Hospit
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25407604

Chiranjeevi Children Hospital
Opp New TMC Office
Almeda Road, Chandanwadi Thane(w)
Tel : 2534037 / 325447300 / 9819417262

Criti Care Hospital
Nitin Company, Thane (W)
Tel : 25379181

Deodhar Hospital
Opp. Ice Factory, Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25406036

Dhanvantri Children's Hospital
Opp. TMC, Panchpakhadi, Thane (W)
Tel : 25416465

Dr. Aphale's Eye Hospital
Castle Mill Naka, Thane (W)
Tel : 25474995

Dr. Bahet's ENT & Child Clinic
Kopri, Thane (E)
Tel : 25321968

Dr. Bhadkamkar Hospital & ICCU
Kharkar Ali, Thane (W)
Tel : 25366310

Dr. Bhanushali Hospital
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25332791

Dr. Bhumkar's E.N.T. Hospital
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25402660

Dr. Deshpande Hospital
Shreerang Society, Thane (W)
Tel : 25345447

Dr. Deshpande's National Chest Hosp. & Potyclinic
3, Petrol Pump, Thane (W)
Tel : 25360935

Dr. Gaitonde's Hospital
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25400322

Dr. Godbole Hospital
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25422268

Dr. GunjotikarNur. Home
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25374901

Dr . Karkhanis' Snehal Hospital
Opp . BOB, Gokhale Rd, Naupada, Thane(w) 400 602
Tel : 2540 0321

Dr. Karawade Eye Hospital
Gokhale Road,Thane (W)
Tel : 254 03504

Dr. Karekar's Surgical & Maternity Nursing Home
Khopat, Thane (W)
Tel : 25346606

Dr. Kelshikar's Hospital
Khopat, Thane (W)
Tel : 25471166

Dr. Kosthi's Hope Fertility Clinic
Old Agra Road, Thane (W)
Tel : 25364109

Dr. lyer's Polyclinic
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25348686

Dr. Mehta's Ortho Centre
Naupada, Thane (W) Tel : 25424222

Dr. Muddebihalkar's Hospital & ICCU
Mulund Check Naka, Thane (W)
Tel : 25821479

Dr. Munje Hospital
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25403032

Dr. Pokar Hospital
Han Niwas, Thane (W)
Tel : 25407301

Dr. Snehal Karkhanis Surgical & Maternity Home
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25421123

Dr. Tambe's Heart & Med. Hospital
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25376355

Dr. Vagholkar Hospital
Ghantali, Thane (W)
Tel : 25425331

Deodhar Hospital
Opp Ice Fectory, Naupada
Tel : 25406036 / 25392416

Highway Hospital
Near Teen Hath Naka, Thane (W)
Tel : 25822683

Hiranandani Hospital
Hiranandani Est., Hamilton, Patiipada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25308666

Hiranandani Hospital
Hiranandani Est., Ghodbunder Road, Thane (W)
Tel : 67998444

Hira-Mongi Navneet Hospital
Valigi Ladha Road Mulund (w)
Tel : 25915577

Jay Anand Hospital
Charai, Thane (W)
Tel : 25343814

Jupiter Hospital
Eastern Express Highway, Thane (W)
Tel : 21725555

Kamal Nursing Home
Charai, Thane (W)
Tel : 25340398

Karve Hospital
kopari Rd, Noupada, Thane
Tel : 25406063

KaushaLya Medical Foundation Trust Hospital
Ganeshwadi, Panchpakhadi, Behind Nitin Company, Thane (W)
Tel : 25454000

KevaIya Multispeciality Hospital & ICU
Siddhi Apts, Opp. Suraj Water Park, Thane (W)
Tel : 25973396

Malatibai Chitnis Hospital
Nr. Talaopali, Thane (W)
Tel : 25342388

Mamta Hospital
Uthalsar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25475320

Modi Hospital
Shree Nagar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25821414

Panandikar Hospital
Castle Mill Naka, Thane (W)
Tel : 25473289

Param Hospital & I.C.U
Golden Park, Gokul Nagar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25470423

Raghunath Hospital
Manpada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25890831

Ram Maruti Eye Hospital
Ram Maruti Road, Thane (W)
Tel : 25334646

Ramanand Hospital
Kalwa, Thane (W)
Tel : 25347993

Renuka Nursing Home
Opp. ST. Work Shop, Thane (W)
Tel : 25346462

Risk Care Hospital
Makhamali Talao, Thane (W)
Tel : 25420908

Sahayog Hospital
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25423826

Shivneri Mater. & Nursing
Agra Road, Thane (W)
Tel : 25332694

Shree Hospital
Shree Nagar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25821532

Shree Prathvmesh Hospital
Laxmi Market, Vartak Nagar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25856675

Shree Ramkrishna Netralaya
Shree Balaji Apts., Makhmali Talao, Thane (W)
Tel : 25391599

Shree Sai Hospital
Soham Plaza, Manpada, Thane (W)
Tel : 69593333

Shree Sainath Hospital
Lokmanya Nagar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25885292

Siddhi Ortho Hospital
Utnalsar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25478555

Sushrut Nursing Home
Almeida Road, Thane (W)
Tel : 25331682

Suyash Nursing Home
Gawand Path, Nr. Malhar Talkies, Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25422080

Swastik Hospital
Varlak Nagar, Thane (W)
Tel : 25853536

Thane ENT& Eye Hospital
Babubhai Petrol Pump, Thane (W)
Tel : 25476072

Thane Eye Care Hospital
Yashodhan Nagar Bus Stop, Lokmanya Ngr, Thane (W)
Tel : 25881484

Thane Hearth Care Centre
Naupada, Thane (W)
Tel : 25374740

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