CSRidentity.com Dream Stock exchanges (These are just ideas of stock exchange and not real stock exchanges)

Stock exchange exist only for corporates in this world.
ROI means Return On Investment.
These are financial returns.

Dream Stock exchange idea is not of Bhau but dedicated to Bhau
Rohan is founder's 24 hour Integration teacher

Stock exchange exist only for corporates in this world, where ROI means Return On Investment. It is financial returns. In our Dream Stock Exchanges for social sector, stock exchanges have NGOs as free members of Stock Exchange for the issue in which they have programmes and in health issues, we have doctors & hospitals are free members.

Remember, this is a Dream Stock Exchange and not a Real Stock Exchange.
Also remember that we have experienced that when the founder leaves the NGO may be because of age or maybe because NGO founder has expired, the vision and programmes of the NGO changes suddenly. So many NGOs are dependent on the founder and their stock exchange value is steady or goes up with the founder but the minute the founder opts out, the NGO value either goes down or is steady or new person increases the value.

So it is almost like Stock Exchange where sales, profits, turnover, issues related to tax or any financial issues suddenly changes the stock value of corporates. Also, in real stock exchanges, they have limited number of corporates as members of that stock exchange and not all the corporates, So what about companies of small or medium size or companies which have just started ? No, may be the answer because people invest in stocks and reputation of the stock exchange is key, so they have some criteria.

But in case of NGOs / NPOs, every NGO has its own audience and their programmes affect that audience. So in our Dream Stock Exchange, every NGO / NPO is critical and there is no membership cost. We also dont invite the NGOs to be on stock exchange because someone may take objection. But legal experts must remember, its a Dream Stock Exchange and not a Real Stock Exchange. In this world, anybody can play with names. So Albert can be name of many but the minute you say Albert Einstein, you think differently. Or Bill or Mark will be name of thousands of people in the world, but when you say Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, the attention suddenly goes up.

CSRidentity.com founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat has a Dream Stock Exchange for NGOs & Social sector
ROI name remains same but long form is different

R = Returns but here returns mean Invaluable Satisfaction
O = Opportunities of Social, Health & Climate Investment.
I = Impact of work

We have shared stock exchanges countrywise in the Corporates in The World folder because we know that some departments in corporates look at stock exchanges most of the time.

We were working on NGOs in Social issues in India since 1999, then started a portal which had NGOs across the world in 2001. But we did not take the portal forward after 2002-03 because of Sustainability or daring issues. We started separate Health issues in CSRidentity.com after 28.08.2013.

Our founder Identity was a Social Entrepreneur since 1999.
But 28.08.2013 was a life changing day.
Our founder Identity now it TM.
World calls it Trade Mark but founder calls it a short form of Time & Money.
Infact he wants every person to give 2.3% Time & Money for social, health or climate causes.

Funding proposals
Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat was handling some Public issues in 1995-96-97.
For him it was a job.
In 2018, after doing a 5 year online research of social & health issues, NGOs, doctors, hospitals, medicines in various countries he had questions as to why on this earth the Stock Exchanges list only for profit companies. He knows that NGOs need lot of money to scaleup as well as increase human resource capacity because doing social work is not just listening to your heart but listening to your brain too and integrating the two.

The present Stock exchanges focus mainly on money and leave it to shareholders to look at credibility, business processes, climate change ...

Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat, founder of CSRidentity.com was thinking of strategies & attitude of CSRidentity.com on 20th May 2018 at 5.30 AM, and he thought that there must be a stock exchange for social & health issues where corporates, funding agencies, celebrities ... can get an opportunity to get Good ROI (Returns in terms of invaluable satisfaction, Opportunities for Social & health Investment and Impact of work)

Then he realised that CSRidentity.com directly is not a real stock exchange.
Yes but we can be a Dream Stock Exchange where we can share
NGOs in social issue stock exchange
Doctors, hospitals, medicines in health stock exchange.

We plan to share names of NGOs with due links to official sites on the State / UT pages (which have district pages in that State / UT) of social stock exchange & names and addresses of hospitals in related pages in health stock exchange for India. In countries other than India, we share the same in related social issue and health issue pages of the related country.

This Dream Stock Exchange is a sort of a stock exchnage or PR agency for all governments, countries, NGOs, Funding agencies, Philanthropists, Media, Ad agencies, PR agencies, Consultants ... to help community with related NGOs, Doctors, Hospitals ...

This gives them an opportunity to attract different types of stakeholders and they can increase their work and increase the revenue to satisfy the requirments of larger number of people.

But then some one can play with just a good idea and not good work implementation and get more investors. And CSRidentity.com will be directly or indirectly blamed for this. So we share official websites so that one can check credibility of the related NGOs or Hospitals and decide which is good NGO for either financial donation or non financial donation as well as volunteering.

Promotion of CSRidentity.com
From now to March 2021, we plan to share
CSRidentity.com to governments, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, UN organisations, foreign embassies, media in 100 plus countries.

We also share it with corporate foundations, philanthropist started organisations, ad / PR agencies, consultants, Business & Industry associations ....

In India, in addition to the above, we will share it with at lesat 400 plus collectors, 400 plus MPs in Loksabha & Rajya Sabha, about 100 celebrities

No political interference
We know politics is played in all for profit and not for profit organisations like Corporates, NGOs, FAs, Media and even
individual housing societies .. While we must say that we have great respect for politics at country level because each country is governed by people from political parties, we are a social & health issue related portal and we will not at all have political influence on the portal more specifically Stock exchange and we will share the NGOs in Stock exchange.

Across the world, we want corporates to do management core competency volunteering with NGOs and if they do the same in written language sitting in their office, we can share the same in the NGO folder, so that NGOs across the world can learn what corporates share because language convertors on CSRidentity.com can convert English in other 102 languages.

To summarise
We have decided to start an online version of Stock exchange (Not real stock exchange but a simple format)
We also plan to share 6000 NGOs issuewise separately and these are NGOs which are financially supported by well known funding agencies as well as by ASHOKA, Washington.

In case of Thane, there will not be any NGOs in social issues like deserts but we can take an area which gets very less water instead of desert and again, in case of Thane there will be NGOs which may be named 2 or 3 times and not 1 time, speically in areas related to health issues. But we make it clear that we will share only NGOs and not private limited or public companies in the list, so we will not share CSRidentity.com which is managed by a company but we can share Developed Nation Network Trust, which is our own NGO and has an FCRA and DNNT will share Kokanipada for Village development , but will share the NGOs directly in case of Yamgarwadi which works on Nomadics education and Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi which is a Scientific blood bank.