CSRidentity.com Stock exchanges (These are just ideas of stock exchange and not real stock exchanges)
Global social stock exchanges are just ideas and not real SEs.

Sanjay Moreshwar Bapat, the founder of CSRidentity.com was thinking of strategies & attitude of CSRidentity.com on 20th May 2018 at 5.30 AM, and he thought that there must be a stock exchange for social & health issues where corporates, funding agencies, celebrities ... can get an opportunity to get Good ROI (Returns in terms of invaluable satisfaction, Opportunities for Social & health Investment and Impact of work

Then he realised that CSRidentity.com indirectly is not a real stock exchange but it is a sort of a stock exchnage or PR agency for all governments, countries, NGOs, Funding agencies, Philanthropists, Media, Ad agencies, PR agencies, Consultants ... where the related stakeholders can share their name and website links (so that one can visit the site to know more) on the index page of respected folder. e.g. NGOs can be listed in NGO folder on CSRidentity.com
This gives them an opportunity to attract different types of stakeholders and they can increase their work and increase the revenue to satisfy the requirments of larger number of people.

But then some one can play with just a good idea and not good work implementation and get more investors. And CSRidentity.com will be directly or indirectly blamed for this. So we avoid stock exchange for all stakeholders and focus on a stock exchange for social & health issues where we will share only NGOs as stock exchange members and to the NGOs / NPOs this stock exchange membership if free but with a vital condition that all the NGOs working on any specific social / health issue will be listed issuewise.

Three CSRidentity.com Stock Exchanges (All non real stock exchanges)
We have 3 CSRidentity.com Stock exchanges.
1) India : Only for India, our global example country
2) Countries other than India SARs, islands, territories.
3) Global stock exchange : All countries including India, 2 SARs, Islands, Territories
Some NGOs may be in all three CSRidentity.com stock exchanges.

The Global Stock Exchange came on 29.7.2018 because visitors may question us saying that there are many good NGOs in India which need to be on the global Stock exchange.
We will share the 2nd and 3rd version of Stock exchange on 1st August 2018

Who on Stock exchange ?

All issue fora are only for India.
On index page each social issue we share two types of NGOs
1) Free non real Stock exchange NGOs working in India
2) There are NGOs which are ready to pay fees to be on the index page of related issue and it is not good to not cover them just because we dont have time to see or check their credibility. They need
attention for their scaleup or funding or volunteering.

What about other stakeholders
Click here to see the concept of Stock exchange and how we share all other stakeholders having programmes on related social & health issue

Promotion of CSRidentity.com
From now to March 2020, we plan to share
CSRidentity.com to governments, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, UN organisations, foreign embassies, media in 100 plus countries.

We also share it with corporate foundations, philanthropist started organisations, ad / PR agencies, consultants, Business & Industry associations ....

In India, in addition to the above, we will share it with at lesat 400 plus collectors, 400 plus MPs in Loksabha & Rajya Sabha, about 100 celebrities

No political interference
We know politics is played in all for profit and not for profit organisations like Corporates, NGOs, FAs, Media and even
individual housing societies ..

While we must say that we have great respect for politics at country level because each country is governed by people from political parties, we are a social & health issue related portal and we will not at all have political influence on the portal more specifically Stock exchange and we will share the NGOs in Stock exchange only suggested by funding agencies and our online research (There is a big question of what happens to the great work done by some NGOs which work only at district level or smaller level because they need funding for their own sustainability and plans to scale up. So on the index page ofeach social issue, we will have a paid form of membership where NGOs pay for being part of the stock exchange. This also is a way to remove political interference.

Across the world, we want corporates to do management core competency volunteering with NGOs and while they can do the same with any NGO, the index page of each social issue gives them or their offices list of NGOs which can be contacted because we are giving links to the NGO websites

We will create three stock exchanges.
One for India, where we will list about 100 NGOs on the index page of the issue and all NGOs working on the issue will be listed free districtwise. (Yes, if one works in 3 districts, we will share their name in all the 3 districts.

The second one is a stock exchange for 192 UN member countries (India excluded from this stock exchange) and 2 SARs and we will share about 500 NGOs / NPOs recommended either by a funding agency which is financially supporting the NGO for at least 3 years ...or by our online research of ASHOKA Fellow NGOs doing good work but are not financially supported by a funding agency except ASHOKA support.

We will not share any NGOs only because their name is shared on a good agency which generates funds for NGOs or we will not accept any names of NGOs just because they are on a portal or website dedicated to share NGOs or raise funds.

Of course, there are two exceptions for this.
1) All NGOs suggested by Venkat Krishnan will be share free issuewise in India and all countries & SARs stock exchange
(We wish Venkat types in all major countries but we know its just a wish because it is very very difficult to replicate the work Venkat is doing.
We also wish that he has started Daan Utsav in India and a similar initiative he must start in other countries)

2) Wockhardt Foundation (We will link the foundation in stock exchange for India. One is health, and the other is Peace of mind)

We have decided to start an online version of Stock exchange (Not real stock exchange but a simple format) for social & health issues where the names of NGOs which work on the issues where they are listed are recommended by a non political organisation which is funding them for at least 5 years.

In social / health issues, ROI should mean
Return of Opportunities for Impact
R = Returns (Invaluable satisfaction)
O = Opportunities (for Social & health Investment)
I = Impact of work (individuals & institutions)

The stock exchange will have maximun 35 NGOs on each social issue and health issue. Of these 1 each will be from Thane district in India, 1 from India, 1 from China, 1 from Japan and 31 from countries other than India, China, Japan (with at least 10 countries in Africa continent because we want to promote Africa continent for social & health development).

There is no voting or there is no sensex or similar types
The NGO which works on the issue will be shared free with due link to the NGO website, so that donors, volunteers can contact them directly. (No funder will pay any money to CSRidentity.com for listing because we want money to go to that NGO)

CSRidentity.com plans to start this mini version of the said stock exchange from 28.05.2018 and hope to have many NGOs on social & health issue stock exchanges by 28.08.2020

There are many NGOs which work on more than 1 social & health issue and the NGO & the funder together will decide only 1 social & health issue where the NGO should be shared. And in case of Thane, there will not be any NGOs in social issues like deserts but we can take an area which gets very less water instead of desert and again, in case of Thane there will be NGOs which may be named 2 or 3 times and not 1 time, speically in areas related to health issues. But we make it clear that we will share only NGOs and not private limited or public companies in the list, so we will not share CSRidentity.com which is managed by a company but we can shared Developed Nation Network Trust, which is our own NGO and has an FCRA and DNNT will share Kokanipada for
Village development
Bhinar school for Tribal school, but will share the NGOs directly in case of Yamgarwadi which works on Nomadics education and Late Wamanrao Oka Raktapedhi which is a Scientific blood bank.

What about Non NGOs ?
1) India is our global example.
CSRidentity.com respects programmes (whatever scale) done for individual social & health issues done by stakeholders like governments, corporates, NGOs, funding agencies, corporate foundations, philanthropist started organisations, UN organisations, foreign embassies & share their names with due links to their websites issuewise.

In India, we share them State / UT / Districtwise, while in other countries we share them countrywise

But, only the index page of the issue, we share only related NGOs recommended by funding agencies who are financially supporting them for minimum 3 years. This funding is not from a corporate or corporate foundation but from a well respected funding agency and they have right to share the names. In addition, CSRidentity.com has the right to suggest names because our founder started a dedicated portal for NGOs in India in 1999 and also started - but did not continue because of sustainability issue - a portal on International NGOs in 2001. We have done a substantial online research of NGOs worldwise since then.

While on the index page, we plan to share 100 odd NGOs in the stock exchange, we do share names with due links to all stakeholders like NGOs, governments, corporates, corporate foundation, funding agencies, UN organisations, philanthropist started organisations, foreign embassies ... distrctwise in respected States / UTs/ Districts in each social issue folder in India and countrywise for social issues done in other countries.
We are thinking and strategising of how to cover individual health issues and will share the concept on or before 28.8.2018

2) Thane is our global example.
We share at least 1 NGO on the index page but if we dont know any NGO, then our NGO Developed Nation Network Trust may work on the issue.

3) Countries, SARs, Islands, Territories other than India : We will have separate Stock exchange page where we share NGOs working for that social or health issue but it must be recommended by a funding agency (Not by corporate or corporate foundation or portal which is only sharing NGOs ... or a portal which promotes credible NGOs or all NGOs

Why, is a big question.
We have never heard of any stock exchange for social issues, health issues, NGOs, Funding agencies, Countries, Political parties, Governments, Media, Ad agencies, PR agencies, Consultants...

Even when stock exchanges are for corporates, they are limited in terms of number of companies on that stock exchange. Well regarded NYSE (New York Stock exchange) has around 2400 leading companies and not millions of companies in the world

We know there are key criteria for being on the stock exchange and there is no one stock exchange which has all companies in the world. We have not heard of a stock exchange which has all companies in any one UN member country.

CSRidentity.com wants people in the world to be responsible investors.
They may be financial investors or time investors.
They experience or see or are part of some social issues & health issue.
(Citizens do not live alone, they are part of society, so they are part of social issue).

CSRidentity.com thinks that the entire world (individual citizens, for profit / not for profit organisations / governments) is an investor in climate and any climate change is an integration of damage and ancestors directly or indirectly done for to this earth.

In corporates, ROI means Return On Investment.

It sounds very childish or foolish to even think of a stock exchange which has all the companies, all the NGOs, all the funding agencies, all the goverments, all the religious locations .... in the world., but our founder asks this question to himself again & again.. (Afterall NGOs need more money so that they can scaleup or get lot of volunteers and retail donors, so it will be good if they are leading in stock exchange but NGOs which do a very good job in a particular community in a small village will not be listed on that stock exchange because they are too small or cant pay fees ... so the idea will be a flop idea).