Star NGOs 10 000
We treat NGOs as celebrities but some NGOs are only on paper, some are doing work against a country or religion ... it is natural because NGOs are formed by humans.
Like some corporates or some media, some NGOs are also "not good".
But because donors give money to NGOs, they are more concerned about NGO credibility. Hence we thought of STAR NGOs
Star NGOs
In the world


Addiction (Anti)

Blood Banks

Child Health


Deaf & Dumb
Disaster Relief


Fin. inclusion

Girl child

Health issues
Human Rights

Indigeneous communities
Income Generation


Mental health


Organ transplantation

Peace of mind

Rural Development

Senior Citizens
Skill Development
Suicide issues

Traditional medicine

Urban Development

Village Development

Waste Management


How many people & organisations in India know (just know, not support) Chhanv Foundation in India which helps Acid survivors ?
We will add more issues in 2021
Star NGOs

In any large film, there is a heroine, a hero, many side actors, music director, film writer, producer, singer, make up artists, lightsman ...but people remember heroine and hero.

Just ask yourself who was the lightman or makeupman of the film you liked most

You know and we know, that most of you cant name any of them.

You know that heroine without makeup is not right. e.g. A young girl in a role of a grandmother is not possible without makeup. But you give less value to makeup man.

There are millions of NGOs in this world doing good work. But only few NGOs are celebrities or STARS.

Maybe because they got funds from known funding agencies, known corporates, known philanthropists, celebrities (STARs).
They are now NGO Brands

In 2021-2022, we plan to share 10 000 or may be
20 000 STAR NGOs

We share the NGOs issuewise, but know that donors & volunteers want to know the NGO in their country or their region.

So within issue, we share them countrywise.

We had thought that next to the NGO we will write its country, but an NGO whose name starts with Z will come last and people have to see all the NGOs to see the country where they work. We value your time, so we share STAR NGOs first issuewise and within the issue, we share them countrywise.

To summarise
Issue : Blood donation

Japan : ....

Lt Wamanrao Oak Raktapedhi


And then, the name is linked to a dedicated page for the NGO.

No NGO can email or pay any money to be included in STAR NGOs.

The mail must come from their funders like CSR teams of corporates or funding agencies or philanthropists or celebrities or our online research

We know it is difficult for NGOs to tell the donors to email us, so they can email us just link to the page of their official website which is giving names of donors.

Our contact : email Datacentre@


The star NGOs include only STAR NGOs but in case of Skill Development, we share all NGOs working for the issue in India.
This is only because Skill Development is sample of helping all NGOs having programmes on Skill Development

Any donor
Not just ASHOKA

In Corporates, there is Fortune500 or Forbes2000 and these are based on the annual income of companies.

ASHOKA has some 3800 social enterpreners from 92 countries (many are NGOs) but founder, who is an ASHOKA Fellow is thinking 10000 and more importantly, instead of just ASOHA juries, want to give opportunity to corporates, funding agencies, philanthropists & others like ASHOKA to share NGOs which they select or support either financially or through volunteering.

We know donors are keen to see that the NGO is supported by many organisations and not just by them because then the credibility and sustainability of the NGO is easier.

CSR Consulting which is the company which manages is doing research of corporates & NGOs across the world.

But as a website, does not publish our research because the research is done with privacy commitment. as a website will invite Corporates, Corporate Foundations, Funding agencies in many countries to share names of NGOs which they have been financially supporting and Celebrities can share NGOs which they are supporting by sharing their name.

One thing we need to be clear. No NGO or Social entrepreneur who is started by an activist or is working against any government or country will be included by and we are clear that though we are under registered in India and follow Indian Legal System, we will cover NGOs working for communities in countries against which India declares war because we are working for communities across the world and like the families of soldiers of India, we must care for families of soldiers of countries with which India has a war. But we are clear that we will appoint a lawyer who will decide what is right as per Indian Legal System and not what we think of.

e.g. founder Sanjay Kumud Moreshwar Bapat thinks countries are based on culture, geography but he is aware that his views are his views and not legally standing views. He thinks that even within a family, attitude of people is different, so large countries will have different attitude of different citizens of that country, but still they are citizens of that country.

Instead of sharing more, which many think is confusing, let us be clear that we will abide by the Legal System of India where we are registered but we also know that we need to take care of legal system of each country. Hence we have taken a decision to share the names with links to the official website related to the name.

Our views about others are consultancy driven and are not shared.

Politics is good
But no politics

We do not share NGOs which have politics, activist, naxalites, terrorist activities or antinational activities and here we must say that more than the NGO, what is important is the direction of work they are doing because we know each country has different laws for NGO sector.

We know the NGOs doing work on political issues may (repeat may) have good work and politics is most important for the world but there is so much of competition amongst political parties that competition benefits are overtaken by ego or attitude to win elections.

The attitude is good in a way because good politicians are great teachers of how to win minds of people in the communities.

But the purpose of Winning Minds is far deeper than helping them or serving them. Their end purpose is win elections.

Again, good people winning elections is good for the world but in politics there are things which will not work with our thinking of clean social work.

Interestingly, Thane our global development example and Thane has many politicians.

e.g. The school batchmate of founder Shri Rajan Vichareji is Member of Parliament in Loksabha.

Keshavshrusti, the place where founder had gone a couple of times to have communication of people had a Director General named Dr Vinay Sahastrabuddhe, who is now MP in Rajyasabha.

T Chandrashekhar, who was the commissioner of Thane Municipal Corporation had launched our first website on Thane in his office but now has a political party.

Shri V V Lakshinarayan, who was Deputry Police Commissioner of Thane and interviewed him more for his views (he was then Deputy Police Commissioner Mumbai) is now working with a political party in Telangana.

Founder stayed in the house of Shri Prakash Paranjpe, MP, Loksabha, when we had launched our portal on international NGOs in 2000 (by the Ambassador of USA).

By our experience, political leaders have great influemce of people.

We want development, not destruction from them.

Star location

Billions of dollars can never solve social issues without involvement of Communities, NGOs, Government, Politicians and donors like Corporates, Funding Agencies ....

We value retail donation more because small donation must be like respiration. If you have problem of respiration, you are on ventilator in a hospital.

Many social issues are on ventilator in real life and stop when the founder stops. Let Thane District in India demonstrate to the world, involvement of retail donors and local celebrities. We are using local celebrities to influence people to give time, money, skill for social, health, climate issues.

Like disabled, senior citizens, education, water, one must think of issues like agriculture, environment, women, safety, youth ...

And climate change is a global issue where every individual and every for profit and not for profit organisation and government must take positive steps...