NGOs (Index page of NGOs)
NGOs & Success Stories

Arfake Centre for Learning and Cultural Heritage
Atebimo Development Company
Central Kwara'ae Constituency Progress
Compassionate Society of Solomon Islands
East Gao House of Chiefs
East Kwara'ae Women's Ast Trust Board (Incorporate)
Family Support Centre
Ferafolia Community
Holokama Community Development Project
Lakutina Association
Lughu Community Youth Development Association
Lumuko Women's Club
Lunela Foundation
Mana'akwai Household
Natagera Ward-uku Association
North-West Vellalavella Constituency
Qulakora Association
Rokoaraha Farmers Association
St. Martins Rural Training Center
Tagini Foundation Trust
Tungavalu Region
West Honiara Constituency Women's Association
Westside Women for Peace Market
Young Women's Christian Association, Solomon Islands (YWCA- Solomon Islands)
Zieboh-Ghoba Organization


















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