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Brand Consulting

Everyone uses products in life.
Right from your birth to death.
It needs no imagination that you dont pay.
You dont pay when you are born. Your parents pay hospital fees
You dont pay to hearse which takes your when you are dead. Your children or blood relative or friend pays that.

Then when do you pay.
When you start earning you pay.

So to start with a brand doest pay back company.
Company takes care of manufacturing costs, marketing costs, logistics cost .... and promote brand.
And when the brand makes profits, it pays back the company not just how much they were paid earlier but for new brands or growth ..

So a brand must make money.

After making money, you take care of your company, shareholders, consumers, people at large, nature ... is what many people think.
But its wrong.
Right from manufacturing to logistics, there are costs and here your brand must stand

When you are alive as an individual or product or company or NGO, you must be charged (Not financial charge but charged with energy)
If you dont have energy, you use batteries or electricity to charge you.
Batteries or electricity is like advertising & PR to charge you.
But only advertising & PR is not useful, if you have no energy.

So your Brand must have energy.

We can be used as a charger.
We can be used as a teacher or consultant who teaches or consults you to play life game.
We are not game changers.
You are. Or You can be.



Sure corporates are born to make profits.
But your employees, supply chain, customers, consumers ... shareholders ... all are not humans not machines.
Some are humans who use machines or humans who manage & govern humans in offices or use their talent to share what you are in advertising or PR form or in journalism.

If you can take care of humans who are your employees, consumers and take their Mind Share, your Market Share is temporary.
And your shareholders and investors will realise it, sooner or later.
Sooner is better than later.
You must consciously think in investing in humans, nature and universe.
Then, social responsibility becomes your natural responsibility.
Its like parents investing in their children (whether it is value education, education, health, marriage, children's children who are grand children .. parents keep on investing in their children)
Some children take care of their parents. They are good brands of humans.
Some dont take care or dont even bother if the parent is alive. Do you want your child be to like this.

Remember, a consumer, customer, shareholder, investor ... is like a child. As parent, you must take care of child.
A company is a parent of its consumers, customers, shareholders, investors ... even banks which give load.
If you take care, you will grow and there is sustainability in growth.
Else it is a temporary growth which will have a life of 1 day or just 1,2,3 or 100 years.
100 years in year 2020 is still big (4.95%)
Earth was formed over 4.5 billion years ago.
So 100 years in 4.5 billion years is no where close to even calculating without a calculator or mobile or computer...
If you think you live on earth only till you are physically present and do not invest or take care of your spouse or child or friends .. then your life is temporary. Years of your physical presence on earth divided by 4.5 billion years.
But if you live beyond your death, there is greatness.
Now you decide whether you live for yourself or for others.

Doing CSR as Corporate Social Responsibility is like ordering your child to learn maths when the child is interested in geography.
Can you tell 365 into 563 without computer or machine. (365 is days of year and 563 is reverse of it). NO.
So let the child do what she, he, transgender is interested in.
e.g. founder's child wanted to do medicine whereas founder wanted him to spread CSRidentity.com concept across the world. But founder thought it is the child's wish, so let him do it.

Last thing is corruption.
Do you breath air which is so much polluted that breathing such air is harmful. NO.
So clean air is important for your existance. Corrupt air is harmful.
On same lines, think corruption.
Life with corrupt behaviour and thinking is harmful to you and your future generations.
You have a choice to make the world clean and corrupt because billions of you make the world.
If billions are good, there are less pot holes on earth. Else there is some road in the pot holes.
Doing PR and advertising is good. But the PR or Ad plane will crash if you are not good.





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