CSRidentity.com will share seminars, conferences in any country free.
The seminars / conference must be related to
1) Social, Health, Climate issues
2) CSR
3) Sustainability
4) Reputation
5) Branding
6) Identity
These conferences must be held at national level and not for regional audience only (At state or county - county not country level)

We will share only title with links to the official site of seminar or conference

In India, we will not cover any seminars, conference which is
1) either organised by CSR or NGO related agency or portal or
2) which has any media partner or sponsor or part sponsor any organisation which is an agency whose primary funcation is gain income for NGOs or a portal related to NGOs, Corporates, Awards, Sustainability, Reputation or Branding.

The seminars, conferences will be shared countrywise.

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