Rivers in Mexico

Colorado River

Among the longest rivers of Mexico are 26 streams of at least 250 km (160 mi). In the case of rivers such as the Colorado, the length listed in the table below is solely that of the main stem. In the case of the Grijalva and Usumacinta, it is the combined lengths of two river systems that share a delta. In the case of the Nazas and Aguanaval, it is the combined lengths of separate rivers that flow into the same closed basin.

Acaponeta River
Acatlán River
Actopan River
Aguanaval River
Aguililla River
Altar River
Amacuzac River
Amajac River
Amapa River
Ameca River
Animas River
Antigua River
Apaseo River
Armería River
Aros River
Arroyo Salado River
Atengo River
Atenguillo River
Atoyac River
Atoyac River
Atoyaquillo River
Balleza River
Balsas River
Baluarte River
Bavispe River
Bejucos River
Blue Creek
Bobos River
Bolaños River
Calderón River
Calvillo River
Candela River
Candelaria River
Carmen River
Casas Grandes River
Cazones River
Chacala River
Champotón River
Chicayán River
Chilapa River
Chinipas River
Choix River
Chuviscar River
Coalcomán River
Coatzacoalcos River
Colorado River
Colotepec River
Colotlán River
Concepción River
Conchos River
Copalita River
Cotaxtla River
Cuilco River
Culiacán River
Cupatitzio River
Cutzamala River
Del Rosario River
Duero River
El Corte River
Elota River
Encajonado River
Extoraz River
Florida River
Fuerte River
Gila River
Grijalva River
Guanajuato River
Hardy River
Hondo River
Huaracha River
Huaynamota River
Humaya River
Ixtapan River
Jaltepec River
Jamapa River
Jataté River
Jerez River
Juchipila River
La Venta River
Lacantún River
Laja River
Lake Chapala
Lalana River
Las Palmas River
Lerma River
Los Lagos River
Mascota River
Mátape River
Mayo River
Mezquitic River
Mixteco River
Moctezuma River
Moctezuma River
Mololoa River
Mulatos River
Nautla River
Nazas River
Necaxa River
New River
Nexapa River
Ometepec River
Omitlán River
Oteros River
Pantepec River
Pánuco River
Papagayo River
Papaloapan River
Papigochic River
Parral River
Pesquería River
Piaxtla River
Playa Vicente River
Presidio River
Purificación River
Purificación River
Quetzala River
Ramos River
Remus River
Río Bravo
Río del Oro
Río Grande
Río Grande de Santiago
Río San Pedro Mezquital
Río Verde
Río Verde
Río Verde
Río Verde
Rivers in endorheic basins
Sabinas Hidalgo River
Sabinas River
Sacramento River
Sahuaripa River
Salado River
Salado River
Salinas River
Salinas River
San Andres River
San Antonio River
San Fernando River
SAn Ignacio River
San Juan River
San Juan River
San Lorenzo River
San Martín River
San Miguel River
San Nicolás River
San Pedro River
San Pedro River
San Pedro River
San Pedro y San Pablo River
San Vicente River
Santa Cruz River
Santa Maria River
Santa Maria River
Santo Domingo River
Santo Domingo River
Sarabia River
Septentrion River
Sextín River
Sinaloa River
Sirupa River
Soledad River
Sonora River
Sonoyta River
Soto La Marina River
Suchiapa River
Suchiate River
Tacotalpa River
Tamazula River
Tamesí River
Teacapan Estuary
Teapa River
Tecolutla River
Tehuantepec River
Temascaltepec River
Tempoal River
Tepalcatepec River
Tepehuanes River
Tequisistlán River
Tesechoacan River
Tijuana River
Tlapaneco River
Tomatlán River
Tomochic River
Tonalá River
Tonto River
Trinidad River
Trujillo River
Tula River
Tulija River
Turbio River
Tutuaca River
Tuxpan River
Tuxpan Ver
Urique River
Usumacinta River
Uxpanapa River
Valle Nacional River
Vinazco River
Yaqui River
Yautepec River
Zahuapan River
Zula River